An ideal disaster recovery investment: CEEDR with Microsoft Azure makes sure your business is always running with minimum downtime while fulfilling disaster recovery drills.

Featuring state of the art replication technology and a secure cloud infrastructure, CEEDR is the ideal solution for any business that seeks business continuity and disaster recovery.

What is CEEDR?

Ensure zero interruptions to your business with Cloud End-to-End Data Recovery (CEEDR) IT solution. CEEDR is a managed service that provides business continuity, by leveraging on replication technology using secure cloud infrastructure. Have an ease-of-mind with easy management over the security of your critical data as it is audit compliant and is supported by a 24/7 dedicated team. 

Manage and monitor your system

  • Allows easy monitoring of your system
  • Monitors your system through your mobile devices
  • Enables lightning quick access and retrieval of data

Let us manage

  • Downtime and error alerts
  • Get notification of the state of your system anytime
  • 24/7 support

It’s truly yours

  • Customize how CEEDR can best serve you
  • Easily intergrate CEEDR into your current system
  • Cross platform compatibility. e.g. VMware to Hyper-V