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Spark your Organization Infrastructure with Application Modernization

Convert legacy applications into modern technology to future proof your organization.

Legacy systems can cause more harm than good

​Bespoke software has the potential to change the game. When it is built to provide specific value that no other product on the market can, it positions your company to prosper.

However, customized apps might cause more trouble than they are worth over time. The majority of custom-designed programmes are costly to maintain. They are rarely updated with critical security fixes, putting your organisation at jeopardy.

As old software lags or fails to perform, it also doesn't play well with the rest of your IT infrastructure, resulting in lower productivity and, worse, the loss of productive employees who feel under-resourced and incapable of achieve optimum performance.
Legacy systems can cause more harm than good
Application Modernisation Services

Application Modernisation Services

Application modernization unlock the benefits of digital transformation. As it builds more resilient businesses and secure its infrastructure. It also protect the business from cyber-attacks and reduce the cost without affecting the business performance and objectives.
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A Systematic Framework of Application Modernization

By leveraging our knowledge. We help organizations to unleash their modern cloud applications’ potential.

We’ll locate and label applications for the following treatments:
  • Rehosted: migrate to a new cloud environment without major changes.
  • Replatformed: similar to rehosting, but it involves changing and updates on specific component of system.
  • Refactored: taking advantage of the cloud services.
  • Replaced: transferred to a modern commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) product or cloud-native SaaS solution.
  • Retained: some applications remain as-is, e.g., due to a current replacement roadmap underway.
  • Retired: no longer required and archived in less expensive hosting solutions or decommissioned
A Systematic Framework of Application Modernization
Modernisation of applications

Modernisation of applications

We got the tools and skills to transform your oldest applications. You company will gain the benefit from self-service, elastic, cloud infrastructures.

We got the best consulting team who will be by your side to assist you in strategizing your roadmap. We assure you that we can take care of your oldest applications data and your business to not lose productivity during the migration to the cloud.

We’ll support your business by:
  • Figure out the best treatment.
  • Build a solid digital transformation roadmap.
  • Train people, develop process, and use advanced technology to keep up with the new ways of working.
  • Gain full value and benefits from the hybrid cloud journey.
  • Invest in a skilled team with your modernization project to avoid any impacts on your company operation.
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