Case Studies

Client: Energy & Utilities

Energy & Utilities

This company is a diversified energy company with a focus on power generation and exploration of renewable energy sources. It operates in various regions and has a strong presence in Southeast Asia. The company has a range of energy projects that include hydro, solar, and wind power, as well as thermal and biomass energy. It is committed to sustainable and responsible business practices and aims to contribute to the development of clean energy solutions.


The customer was struggling with slow and outdated legacy systems that were hindering their productivity and growth. Their IT infrastructure was complex and difficult to manage, causing frequent downtime and outages. The primary challenge was the migration of their on-premise applications to the Azure cloud, which required expert guidance and support. The process involved careful planning, designing, and

executing the migration while ensuring that the workload was protected and continuity was maintained using ASR solution.


Our experts provided consultation on migration to Azure as planned, designed, and migrated the customer’s application form on-premise to Azure cloud. We also leveraged ASR solution to protect workload and support business continuity and optimized the cost with Reserved Instance.

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