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SYBA (Safeguard Your Business Anywhere) is a solution offered by Enfrasys. Why do you need to safeguard your business and how?

COVID-19 has brought a new obstacle for small enterprises, most business owners feel the need to change their business model as well as the ways of approaching their customers. As a result, the integration of digital technology plays a big part in their operation plan, this has been in multiple countries

Businesses have adapted to the realities of full-fledged remote working and are thriving in the digital realm. A flurry of new startups, entrepreneurs, and small businesses has developed as business firms move to the digital era.

How SYBA can help boost your business to go digital?

Ever heard of Modern work? It is a new people-centric approach to working that emphasizes efficiency, innovation, and cooperation. With Modern Work, improvisational of employees’ work culture has allowed them to elevate their productivity, contribute meaningfully from anywhere, anytime while securing the safety of the company’s confidential materials.

How does Modern work boost your business?

1. Automate your company’s procedures. 

Integrate industry-leading powerful features, cutting-edge artificial intelligence, and low-code/no-code automation capabilities to accelerate innovation simplify your organization, and contribute positively to your investments.

2. Keep yourself up to date and safe.

Operate at the speed of business and concentrate on what needs most: securing your apps, peripherals, and confidential material while enabling your workers to be productive regardless of device or location.

3. Increase the speed of your merger, acquisition, or divestment.

Reduce company interruption with a performed Microsoft 365 migration that keeps employees working while efficiently leveraging on technology.

If your business is interested to make new ways of working and moving to digitalization then take a look at it down below!

What Is SYBA?

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SYBA (Safeguard Your Business Anywhere) is a Microsoft 365-powered modern collaboration platform that enhances your company’s productivity and mobility. Within a well-managed environment, SYBA allows users to access company resources from anywhere at any time.

SYBA is built to help your company and its employees achieve productivity, mobility, and data security — on any device, at any time.

It gives you the best collaboration experience and intelligent apps while also assuring security, regardless of where your users are located.

SYBA is devoted to helping you future-proof your organization with modern solutions, which are powered and secured by Microsoft cloud technology.

SYBA Solutions offers a variety of services.


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Microsoft’s world-class security is underpinned by the best technologies for collaboration, communication, and top management. It’s best for companies that need secure remote work solutions.

Microsoft 365 Business Premium is included in the subscription.


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An all-in-one solution that empowers employees, protects your organization and simplifies IT management. Microsoft Teams provides a simple remote work solution.

Microsoft 365 Business Basic is included in the subscription.


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Do you just need our help? If you switch to any Microsoft 365 or Office 365 package from us, you’ll get unlimited email support at an unbelievable price.

Any Microsoft 365 plan comes with a special offer Plus unlimited email advisory support.


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Perfect for growing businesses that need to enable remote work features and also the most recent Microsoft advancements to employees while keeping within a budget.

Microsoft 365 Business Basic and Advanced Threat Protection are included in the plan.


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With SYBA Exchange, you can protect your mailboxes against severe attacks. With premium Microsoft technology, you can protect your users from ransomware, malware, and cyber threats.

Exchange Online Plan 1 and Advanced Threat Protection are included in the packages.


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A high-end, all-in-one productivity and security solution with a focus on customer retention and easy staff hub administration.

Microsoft 365 Business Premium and Advanced Threat Protection are included in the bundle.

Additional Service From SYBA

Additional one-time service options from SYBA include:

  • Setup and configuration of Digicert SSL Plus Certificate
  • Setup and configuration of Digicert Multi-Domain SSL Certificate
  • Setup and configuration of Hybrid Servers
  • Setup and configuration of SSO with existing AD

Microsoft 365, Assessment, Deployment, Adoption Workshops, and 24/7 Remote Support and Advisory are all included with SYBA. SYBA plans do not offer customization of features. However, add-on services are available and will cause extra prices.

So what are you waiting for? quickly and easily assess the current state of your company. Our Cybersecurity Assessment provides a high-level analysis of your company’s system security and uses automated scans to detect potential risks.

Remote work will be around for a long time. Put premier productivity and world-class security solutions at your fingertips for your workforce. Contact us now for a free consultation!

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