Implement Zero Trust Security Model to your Network Environment

Adopting a Zero Trust approach to traffic will safeguard your network and the authenticity of your company.

Challenges of Hybrid Cloud Computing

Traditional security models provide companies some tranquillity.

Organizations can no longer rely on the traditional approaches to protect their assets because cloud computing applications and mobility are gradually overtaking them as the new norm.
Challenges of Hybrid Cloud Computing

There is Zero Trust Concept?

The Zero Trust paradigm adopts a "trust but verify" access approach and expects breach rather than holding that everything behind an organization's firewall is secure.

Every query is thoroughly validated, authorised, and checked for anomalies, regardless of whether it came from an external or internal source.

Micro-segmentation and "least privileged access" concepts are used to limit lateral movement in the event of a breach. For companies that depend on SaaS and cloud-based apps, zero trust is an essential security practise.

Evolving Security for a Protected Network

Infinite Solutions
Enfrasys has implemented the Zero Trust model for significant clients in the public and private sectors, and we are aware that planning a Zero Trust model implementation depends on a variety of organisational requirements, current technology implementations, and security concerns. We assist in determining your level of readiness and work with you to develop a plan to reach Zero Trust using a measurement framework.

Guiding Principles
New guidelines that enable companies in effectively managing their security without sacrificing operational effectiveness are necessary in light of the current situation. We adhere to the following guidelines for putting Zero Trust models into practise:

Validate Trust Explicitly

Always verify user identification, location, devices health, service or workload, data classification, and anomalies before authenticating and approving traffic.

​Use Least Privileged access

To safeguard both data and productivity, restrict user access with Just in Time and Just Enough Access.

Expect Breach

Reduce the blasting radius for breaches and use security techniques to stop lateral movement.
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A Methodical Approach

When Enfrasys closely collaborates with clients, it can identify where your company is in its maturity life cycle and build a blueprint for realising optimal maturity over time. Using experienced effective methodology, we can create and carry out projects in accordance with your business case and plan.
​Our expertise is ready to assist you:

Conduct Analysis

Examine your applications to see if they need to be redesigned or configured to comply with the zero trust standards.


Evaluate your companies Zero Trust capability.

Develop a Solid Business Case

Create a plan, storyboard, and business case for zero trust in your business.

Develop Architecture

Create your Zero Trust reference architecture.


Redesign your applications to match Zero Trust guidelines.
  • Introducing new controls and gateways into cloud infrastructures.
  • Develop cloud ready desktops.
  • Modernising your applications to deliver Zero Trust.
  • Secure applications with Zero Trust.
  • Developing the authentication and system monitoring required to handle apps and data with zero trust.

Design and Build

Create and implement solutions for applications where supporting zero trust is not practical or cost-effective, enabling them to thrive in a zero trust environment while enabling the greater zero trust roadmap to be realised.
Implement Zero Trust Security Model

Implement Zero Trust Security Model

A group of seasoned and expert practitioners work at Enfrasys. We've successfully implemented Zero Trust models for renowned business and public enterprises, assisting them in streamlining cybersecurity and administration while also taking actions to lower risk and restore trust to their digital estate.

For security-conscious and cloud-ready businesses, our specialization in networks, migrations, identities, infrastructure, devices, applications, transformation, and data makes us the ideal partner. We use our technical knowledge to offer our clients the most value by assisting them in matching their investments with their business goals and concentrating on immediate wins by lowering risk and strengthening the security posture of their operations.
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Enfrasys is leading Cloud Migration Specialists in Malaysia.

We work with you to understand your organization's security posture, including how and where your data is used, the value of that data, and what it means to you.
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