Second Microsoft Advanced Specialization in 2022 – Identity and Access Management

microsoft advanced specialization
Microsoft Advanced Specialization Identity and Access Management

We are proud to announce that our colleagues have successfully earned the Identity and Access Management Advanced Specialization for Enfrasys, a validation of in-depth knowledge from a solution partner seeking extensive experience and a proven track record in deploying Microsoft Identity in protecting and securing mission-critical business applications with Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) Zero-trust approach to cybersecurity.

The latest Advanced Specialization adds to a growing tally of 13 other specializations that Enfrasys has, two were added in 2022 alone.

In today’s world of heightened security threats and flood of cyberattacks, it’s important to protect organizations and employees alike with a solid security strategy, so working with the right partner is critical.

The Zero Trust model or framework acts as a gatekeeper and the idea is to put identity at the core of an organization’s security structure or posture. Every user access and connection across the entire organization’s digital estate shall be audited.

For most if not all organizations, securing the hybrid on premise and cloud environment is key and utilizing the Zero Trust model is critical to managing the success of the infrastructure. Looking at the various network interactions, the complexity of managing internal and external users, such as partners, vendors, suppliers, and user behaviour, quickly becomes apparent.

Enfrasys is ready to serve and contribute to society by preventing cyberattacks and protecting organizations across the nation.

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