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Risks of Unplanned Cloud Migration Journey

​Without a plan or the appropriate technical knowledge, switching to the cloud can be tricky. Making an error can result in increased complexity and a larger likelihood of failure because there are so many applications to support, as well as the requirement to account for financial management and prioritise security.

Few businesses can afford the effects of complex and uncoordinated cloud transition planning. They impair service delivery negatively and, even worse, expose sensitive networks to major cyberthreats.
Risks of Unplanned Cloud Migration Journey
​Leverage a Strategic Cloud Migration

Leverage a Strategic Cloud Migration

By offering a single, comprehensive migration solution, Enfrasys simplifies cloud transfers. It includes infrastructure, security, finance, application engineering, service models, and service management. Three models of cloud transitions are provided. These consist of:
  • Managed Transition
  • Co-Managed
  • Integration planning
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Advantages of Cloud Transition

Customers who select Enfrasys will benefit from a seamless start-up process and enjoy: ​

Improved Work Performance

Encouraging a comprehensive strategy to operational efficiency, utilising site reliability engineering, enhancing operational flexibility, and giving application engineering teams more operational authority.

Ensure Smooth Operations

Run your business’s operations seamlessly.

Regulatory Compliance

Our strategy takes compliance requirements into mind, guaranteeing there are no unpleasant surprises that could jeopardise the integrity of your company.

Better Security Analysis

When you put security first, you have a better understanding of the threat environment and the controls and mitigation strategies available.


Because Enfrasys takes a disciplined approach to cloud migrations, your vision is protected, and numerous tactical concessions that can jeopardise your business and cloud goals are avoided.

Competent Operational Teams

After a customer moves to the cloud, Enfrasys helps with transferring knowledge, supporting the internal talent needed to successfully manage your cloud environment.

Competent Operational Teams

Overall operating costs return to levels below those experienced prior to the transformation. Customers recognise a strong business case and are able to maintain strict cost controls while concentrating on benefits realisation.

​Embrace a Successful Cloud Transformation with Us

For reputable business and public sector organisations in Malaysia, Enfrasys is the go-to provider of cloud-based operations transition solutions. Our specialised cybersecurity and service architects have managed complicated cloud conversions alongside ongoing operations with no operational capacity loss for clients because of our significant experience in the financial and government sectors.

Our expert staff can give clients piece of mind while they transition to the cloud because they are knowledgeable, trained, and hold accreditations from top cloud platform providers.
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​Embrace a Successful Cloud Transformation with Us

Enfrasys is leading Operational Transformation Specialists in Malaysia.

Cloud Migration made easy. With over 20 years of experience, our cloud migration specialists are well-equipped to guide you through the cloud migration journey.
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