Establish a Digital Workspace that is Secured, Productive, Economical, and Sustainable

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Technology shouldn’t be the Barriers to Transform

With the ever changing landscape of remote workers and a mobile workforce, security is critical. Make sure that your organization can deliver applications and data securely to anywhere in the world, connecting users to their data - whether they are commuting to an office daily or working remotely. Ensuring that workers have fast and secure access to their files and applications drives business forward by enabling increased productivity, more efficient workflows and approvals - helping companies become more competitive.

As we move into a digital age, it is important for organizations to become more flexible and consider remote work options for their employees. By allowing employees to work from home or from other locations outside of the office you are creating a more productive environment. It has been observed that employees who are provided with the opportunity to work remotely have a renewed commitment to their job and a drive to exceed their goals. The flexibility to work comfortably from home, or from a warm outside setting like a cafe, creates a renewed passion to perform. This increases the overall productivity of the entire workforce and benefits the organization.

We believe the most successful workplaces are those that offer a variety of remote work arrangements. By setting up your organization to allow for remote work arrangements, you not only create more flexibility for your employees, but also reduce employee turnover rates.
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Technology shouldn’t be the Barriers to Transform

Four strategies for digital workplace

As end users work more and more outside the office, it’s important to have applications and services that support a mobile workforce. Microsoft 365 has features that allow users to connect, communicate and collaborate regardless of location, including Windows 10, Microsoft Teams, Office 365 and Azure. Additional security controls including Defender Services, BitLocker, and Mobile Device Management with Intune ensure user devices are protected from data theft or loss. Organizations who want to leverage on a connected workplace must address these areas.

Complexity Costs

Adapting to a new and alternative workplace might cost the company a fortune. It’s crucial that companies equipped themselves with innovative and resources for the new digital era.

The significance of working remotely

Utilizing secure remote work best practices delivers a number of benefits to both the organization and employees. Allowing employees to work from home or another remote location allows them to save time by reducing commuting and travelling, freeing up their schedules to use for other company duties. Being able to control access and monitor logs within a virtual environment ensures that only authorized users can access confidential documents and sensitive data, protecting your organization against malicious attack – both physical and intellectual property theft.

The Importance of Scalability with IT

Scalability is significant as it contributes efficiency and competitiveness to the business. However, the demand for huge upfront investments paralyses most companies which making it difficult to expand operations
Unleash the Power of Your Business with Microsoft 365

Unleash the Power of Your Business with Microsoft 365

Migrating your business to the cloud isn’t about a new cloud platform. It’s whole new way of operating with technology which empower workers and change the way they work.

The collaboration between Microsoft 365 and Teams, offer companies to
Long-term collaboration
Best practice of security.
Simplified enterprise-scale data management
Support remote team to collaborate in WFH world. Cloud provide access to information assets to all employees, best video conferencing experience, and valuable customer service without skipping a beat.

Create your Digital Workplace at Enfrasys

Enfrasys is the best expert knowledge to turned to whenever the public or private sectors are in a crucial situation. We’re proud to be behind some of the most successful projects that have impacted the organizational transformation. Thus, it improves the work performance with the usage of technology.

Innovative Solutions
The path to a successful cloud transformation could start at the beginning or yours cloud journey. Or it can start in the middle of strategizing your roadmap for your business case. Our team will be responsible for designing and implementing the suitable digital workplace solution.

Our services include:
  • Building a digital workplace strategy powered by a well-experienced team in public and private sectors.
  • Migrate your data from legacy applications to a new tenant.
  • Management of Exchange Online, Teams, OneDrive, SharePoint and Microsoft security and compliance
  • A program coordinator for looking after you Microsoft 365 environment.
  • A technical support for Microsoft 365 end-to-end, including Teams Voice, Device Management and Information Management.
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Create your Digital Workplace at Enfrasys

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Cloud Migration made easy. With over 20 years of experience, our cloud migration specialists are well-equipped to guide you through the cloud migration journey.
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