Enfrasys partners with Cybertronium to bring Cloud security services & cybersecurity consulting to its Public and Private Sector Customers.

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Today Enfrasys, a leading managed IT services and cloud solutions provider, signed a strategic partnership with Cybertronium, a leading and award-winning cybersecurity company, to better secure on-premise and cloud infrastructure of customers with Cloud Detection & Response Services, Cloud Security Assessments, Cloud Security Strategy together with On-premise cybersecurity services and training. 

Cloud adoption is rising, but so are cloud threats

Many IT teams are falling behind as they struggle to configure security controls, logs, monitor, and handle attacks – resulting in security gaps with statistics in 2020/2021 showing 44% of security threats start in the cloud.  

Enfrasys has been delivering managed IT Services and cloud solutions for over a decade and, in the process, helped numerous businesses streamline their IT processes to be successful. The Partnership with Cybertronium allows Enfrasys to expand its managed services offerings with cloud-centric cybersecurity offerings, including a 24×7 cloud monitoring, detection, and response service.  

Enfrasys’ effort to amplify the digital transformation of Malaysia

“Partnership with Cybertronium is a continuation of Enfrasys’ effort to amplify the digital transformation of Malaysia as the country spearheads into 5G, Industry 4.0, IoT, Machine Learning and Cloud Computing. Whilst our team is highly skilled, cybersecurity is an area where talent can be limited due to the speed at which new threats appear. Therefore, experience is limited across the industry, and partnering with Cybertronium made it a simple decision to add a greater level of protection for our clients as they come with deep experience and integrity in delivering cybersecurity services in the region.” says Beh Chor How, Chief Executive Officer, Enfrasys Consulting Sdn. Bhd.

Protect more businesses and provide 24×7 monitoring and incident response

“We’ve focused on protecting small and medium-sized businesses since day one with a motto of every company should be able to get the best cybersecurity services whether on-premise or on Cloud at an affordable price,” says Clement Arul, Founder and CEO of Cybertronium. “Our partnership with Enfrasys will allow us to protect more businesses and provide 24×7 monitoring and incident response with a commitment that we take their security professionally and personally.”

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