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Client: Standards & Quality Control

quality control

This organization is a national research and development agency that focuses on advancing science and technology. It provides a range of services that include research and development, technology transfer, and intellectual property management. The organization works closely with universities, research institutions, and industry players to develop and commercialize new technologies that create value for the economy and society.


The customer’s main challenges was the absence of protection for their critical system in the event of a disaster. This was affecting their business operations and making it difficult for them to recover from any unforeseen disasters. This means that in the event of unexpected system failure or disaster, the organization’s critical system could potentially be lost. The customer had tried to solve this problem previously but was not successful in finding a solution that met their needs.


We provided a solution to the customer in the form of Azure Site Recovery (ASR). The customer’s virtual machines and servers can be replicated to Azure and failover can be performed to ensure business continuity on the event of an outage or disaster. Customer’s data and applications can still be accessed from Azure cloud even if their on-premise systems are damaged or lost.

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