Leverage on Your Cloud

Improve resources for an efficient managed cloud experience.

​Overcome capacity and capability limitations

​Poor resourcing puts managed cloud adoption at risk. From a lack of skilled personnel to overcompensating and hiring an excessive number of long-term co-workers.

Not only is the overhead priced, it extends to a cloud environment with insufficient resources, where crucial infrastructure, applications, security, and automation advantages are never realised.
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Improve resources for an efficient managed cloud experience

A Comprehensive Strategy for Effective Managed Cloud Platforms

​Organizations can benefit from lower operational resources thanks to well-maintained managed cloud platforms without overlooking important corporate goals or sacrificing service quality or security.
Unlock the ​Full Potential of Your Data with Enfrasys

Together, let's optimize your managed cloud platform infrastructure.

In order to help prominent private and public companies run simpler and more effective cloud services, Enfrasys has worked with and backed them.
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Scalability in Cost Structure
Without sacrificing organizational productivity or the fear of getting "hurt" by recurring change expenses, we'll help you cut expenses and realise predictable management costs. Additionally, you won't need to hire new employees or invest in training to adjust the size of your task.

Broad-based Service Management
Obtain 24/7 help for essential service processes including Crisis, Modification, and Asset.

Management of Infrastructure and Platform
Gain from the availability of and proactive management of cloud platforms and infrastructure, all based on pre-established service goals and service levels.

Services for critical application management
Get assistance with the creation, operation, and use of business apps.

Increased Cybersecurity
Utilize comprehensive security configuration, procedure, and policy management while collaborating closely with your SecOps team.
Scripting and DevOps (SRE)
Utilize maximum potential to increase the performance, dependability, and agility of your services. Self-healing, auto-scaling, and code deployment are also made possible through automation and DevOps.

Certification & Technical Knowledge
Our staff has advanced technical accreditations from top cloud platform providers, which gives our customers the assurance they need to concentrate on their business.

Enhancing Performance
Take advantage of improved performance and efficiency thanks to freed-up assets that are concentrated on value-added tasks and ongoing cloud complexity.

A Tight-Knit Team Environment
We devote time to you and join your larger customer team.

​An advanced operations centre

We work out of a cutting-edge infrastructure operations centre in the MY, and our team is made up of trained security and delivery managers, government-cleared architects, and engineers.
  • Technical assistance and a 24-hour help desk.
  • Infrastructure Operations Center with legitimate tracking and active assistance capabilities is headquartered in the MY.
  • A qualified professional support staff is supported by on-site technicians with "smart hands."
  • Network platforms are configured using "Infrastructure as Code" to speed up change and enable self-healing.
  • ITIL compliant.
  • Solutions for Service Management, Incidents, Change, Events, and Performance Analysis and Alerting, Assets, and Releases are all part of a comprehensive package for service, operations, and security management.
  • automating proactive monitoring and adopting a shift-left strategy to enable first-time resolution.
  • Service reviews and reporting are done under the name Service Manager.
  • Real-time dashboards and reports are available.

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Cloud Migration made easy. With over 20 years of experience, our cloud migration specialists are well-equipped to guide you through the cloud migration journey.
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