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Complexity of the Legacy Systems Migration in Digital Transformation

​Traditional IT infrastructure has its golden ages, but it came with some downsides. For example, maintaining on-premises IT hardware has limited server capacity, limited data access, and time consuming.

If you want to increase your business’s profit, then you need to keep up with the technology development and move to the cloud.

Cloud migration enhance your buisness performance in various ways like increasing work mobility, security solutions, and last but no least cloud providers are more environmentally friendly.

However, some business struggle to discover the roadmap to the cloud. Some of the challenges are:
  1. Missing out the benefits and risks of the cloud computing.
  2. Dealing with cloud computing skills gap such as lack of training programmes.
  3. Managing mix of hybrid, and traditional data environment.
  4. Adapt your organization to new approach of work.
  5. Internal resistance to cloud migration.
  6. Overengineered operating models.
Digital Operating Strategy
Poor Project Scope

Poor Project Scope

Unjustified digital strategies can put the organization’s workflows and security at risk.

An organization could fail if it lacks strategic alignment, therefore, it suffers from:
  1. Overpriced support cost.
  2. Skills shortage in data centre that delay the process of cloud migration.
  3. Missing the cloud benefits because of the lack of alignment with business strategy.
  4. Business units have yet to understand cloud computing.
  5. Data breach that happens because of lack of support by the stakeholders.
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Empowering Cloud-Ready Organizations

A digital operational strategy establishes a path for realising a modern, well-oiled operation where your personnel may concentrate on a higher level of operations, focusing on what counts in your organization.

Enfrasys supports hybrid and multi-vendor cloud delivery models, including curated and native cloud applications and services spread across multiple vendors, and benefits from:
  1. The clarity to capture and address immediate priorities while ensuring the strategic cloud benefits are realized.
  2. Symbiotic ties between infrastructure and development teams, allowing both to operate together and with clear objectives in mind.
  3. Hybrid and multi-cloud delivery model support, including customized and native cloud applications and services distributed across various environments.
  4. Innovative methods of working including Service Reliability Engineering, Automation, and Cloud Centres of Excellence.
  5. Smart and successful transfers of existing development and operations teams to new working methods.
Co-managed assistance to ensure smooth operations.
Empowering Cloud-Ready Organizations
Get your Ultimate Digital Transformation with Enfrasys only

Get your Ultimate Digital Transformation with Enfrasys only

Enfrasys empowers you and offers you a suitable developing operating strategy.

Our unique approach involves creating, deploying, and managing Hybrid Cloud and Native Cloud operating models, making us the ideal choice for your company to move to cloud.

We’re trained to assist you in::
  1. Design your business case and roadmap for your journey to the cloud.
  2. Develop the right approach that identifies cloud benefits, evaluates the migrations process, and prioritize threats facing your company..
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Enfrasys is leading Cloud Migration Specialists in Malaysia.

Cloud Migration made easy. With over 20 years of experience, our cloud migration specialists are well-equipped to guide you through the cloud migration journey.
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