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High infrastructure Cost & Traffic Congestion Affect the Performance of the Organization

Networks have changed. Traditional walled garden models are insecure and lack flexibility and scalability. This puts organisations with mixed setups and no defined cloud strategy under pressure to close gaps that could jeopardise their survival.

However, the shift is not always easy and can be pricy. Managed service companies are all too eager to charge excessive fees without providing creative solutions, preferring to keep the status quo with one-size-fits-all products.

​To flourish, your company must evolve or face a harsher and more expensive reality. Failure to build a well-oiled cloud network result in:
  • Poor performance as enterprise networks struggle to keep up with increasing network traffic.
  • Increases in potential threat and events as the threat landscape advances beyond an organization's ability to respond to and prevent threats.
Delays in SaaS adoption owing to outdated network models that are no longer fit for purpose.
High infrastructure Cost & Traffic Congestion Affect the Performance of the Organization
Redefine your Business using the right cloud

Redefine your Business using the right cloud

The establishment of a solid financial business case is the first step in cloud network transformation. Besides, hybrid cloud network requires planning, design, and creation which allow business to: Accelerate cloud and SaaS adoption and scaling. Reduce network expenses Improve end-user performance and satisfaction. Improving cloud computing security
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Cloud Networking Infrastructure for a Better Performance

Enfrasys's Cloud Network Infrastructures provide customers the most reliable, secured, and direct route planner application. Reduce the complexity of multi-cloud environment. Creating Zero-Trust security foundation Provide administrators with visibility and control over application Leverages Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) fundamentals to provide nearly zero downtime

Cloud adoption is accelerating with us

Enfrasys cloud services provide you with networking solutions. We’ve been part of public and private projects where we implemented new strategies and solid financial business case.

Skilled workforce & international impact
We’ve earned the trust of many companies such as public and financial sector as we provided them with a secured network.

Training & Learning Enablement
We provide training program to companies who wish to take control of their cloud network on their own.

Managed Cloud Services
We offer you a fully managed, co-managed and interim cloud network managed services with support through our service centric operation.
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Enfrasys is leading Cloud Migration Specialists in Malaysia.

Cloud Migration made easy. With over 20 years of experience, our cloud migration specialists are well-equipped to guide you through the cloud migration journey.
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