Case Studies

Client: Banking & Finance

Banking & Finance

This entity is a financial institution that specializes in investment banking and asset management. It operates in multiple countries and serves a wide range of clients, including corporations, governments, and high-net-worth individuals. The organization is known for its expertise in structuring and executing complex financial transactions, while also adhering to high standards of corporate responsibility and sustainability.


Our customer has several challenges that required immediate attention. They needed to modernize their application on the cloud to improve their overall efficiency and productivity. Additionally, their cloud environment did not meet RMiT compliance, which was a significant concern for the bank. The lack of RMiT compliance was impacting their business operations, and they needed a solution to address this challenge.


We provided an assessment and planning for Sitecore application onboarding to Azure Landing Zone, ensuring the application was modernized and met RMiT compliance. We defined and implemented RMiT baseline for the bank on Azure Infrastructure, which ensured they complied with regulatory requirements.

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