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Client: Telecommunications

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This regulatory body is responsible for overseeing the communications and multimedia industry in Malaysia. Its functions include managing the allocation of resources such as radio frequencies and broadband spectrum, enforcing regulations related to the industry, and promoting competition and innovation. Additionally, the organization ensures that consumers’ rights are protected and works towards improving the quality and affordability of communications and multimedia services in the country. It also collaborates with other regulatory bodies and industry stakeholders to achieve its objectives.


The main challenges faced by the organization included the lack of a single portal for application access, password management between Active Directory on-premise and Azure AD on cloud, calendaring between Microsoft Teams and Microsoft Exchange on-premise, and user awareness and adoption of modern work solutions. These challenges impacted the organization’s productivity and collaboration efforts.


We leveraged Microsoft products and technologies to provide a comprehensive solution. This included using SharePoint Online (SPO) for the application landing portal and document management system (DMS), implementing Azure self-service password reset portal for password management, synchronizing user passwords between Active Directory on premise and Azure AD to achieve single sign-on capabilities, implementing Exchange Hybrid solution to ensure Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Teams calendaring in sync, and conducting adoption and user awareness workshops for change management. The single portal application access allowed for onboarding new applications and simplified access for users.

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