Why the cloud is as secure as it can be (with Microsoft Cloud App Security)?

In the last decade, we have seen a major growth on cloud-based applications and storages for various types of structure and unstructured data. Augmented with today’s pandemic, knowledge workers require quick access of documents and company’s resources on their personal devices. Today’s pandemic forces employees to stay at home, and so accessibility to multiple applications and resources become the main concerns of employers and business owners. After making their companies’ assets accessible through multiple cloud services, another issue arises: What about the data security? 

Microsoft cloud system is equipped with Microsoft Cloud App Security. The Microsoft Cloud App Security is responsible for minimizing security risks and ensuring that your company’s sensitive data is protected. 

1. Analyse shadow IT risks 

People who work remotely often rely on unsecured Internet connections to access company’s files. With Microsoft Cloud App Security, employees can safely access their companies’ resources because the system will detect any anomalies in usage patterns with automatic risk assessments for the applications used.  

2. Handles cybersecurity threats 

Microsoft Cloud App Security can detect suspicious applications where employees will get alerts on potential security breach that ranges from malwares to unknown IP addresses from countries that are unrelated to the companies. 

3. Securing companies’ assets and ensuring compliance 

Microsoft Cloud App Security comes with Conditional Access App Control which helps companies to choose who, and when or from where, they may access the companies’ resources to prevent the spread of sensitive documents. Conditional Access App Control can also block a person’s access to certain apps and monitor employees’ user sessions for compliance. 

The cloud system under Microsoft is equipped with Microsoft Cloud App Security that can be purchased as a standalone or along with other Microsoft 365 subscriptions. 

Is that the only security plan that Microsoft offers? Not at all, contact our Enfrasys’ experts to customize the security plans for your company’s cloud! 

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