Upcoming Windows 11

On 24th June 2021, Microsoft organised Windows 11 Livestream Event that showcased the new features on Windows 11. In the 45 minutes long video, Microsoft highlighted the features and designs of the new operating system. A preview of the OS was released on the same day on Microsoft’s official Youtube account, garnering four million views as of the 1st of July, with a lot of users feeling excited for the cleaner look on the new OS.


What were the highlights of Windows 11 Livestream Event?

  1. A new interface

Windows 11 comes with a new interface where the Start button is at the center of the taskbar. Other pinned applications are also grouped at the center of the taskbar to promote a sense of control and smoother access to our daily tasks.

  1. Improved snap layouts and snap groups

The snap layouts on the current Windows 10 will be improved in Windows 11 where users can select their snap layouts instead of just hovering their opened apps at random corners of the screen to separate their windows.

Windows 11 will also be introducing snap groups which is an extension to snap layouts. In snap groups, Windows allows users to group together the apps that they’ve been using so that it is easier for them to access their apps by categories whenever necessary. With snap groups, Windows will be able to remember the apps and layout that the users are using if they docked their laptops or PCs to other external monitors.

  1. New personalized widgets

With Windows 11, users will be able to have personalized widgets that can be viewed full-screen whenever necessary. Users may opt for localized contents and the new OS allows us to rearrange and resize our widgets according to our needs. Windows even mentioned in their livestream that users will be able to pay tips to their favourite local artists.

  1. Android Apps on Microsoft Store

The most appealing feature of Windows 11 is that Windows will be able to provide Android apps on the new OS. Apps like TikTok will be able for download through Microsoft Store but users will need to have an Amazon Appstore account prior to the download.

Microsoft hinted on their website that Windows 11 will be available for download by the end of 2021.

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