Building Strong Security Practices with Microsoft Azure

Companies, government agencies, and organisations are working remotely using personal devices including mobile phones and laptops. Non-updated antiviruses and unsecure networks can cause a major breach in the company or organisation’s security. 

What can Microsoft Azure do for your remote employees? 


Microsoft Azure provides transparency between employees and employers, where the system controls users’ access to Azure resources. With Microsoft Azure, employers may segregate employees according to their groups and granting access based on the groupings to avoid confusion that may create security risks. By restricting employees’ access, employers can avoid giving their employees unnecessary privileges to their companies’ resources which in return, helps the companies to avoid data leakage. 


Microsoft Azure provides visibility for employers to check on employees’ access to assess risk or determine whether the policies of your organization or company are being followed. Azure allows the technical security team of a company to see all subscriptions and managed groups connected to the company’s environment. This is done to protect the company from potential cyber threats and also to assess the weaknesses of employees’ networks or securities while working at home.  


With Microsoft Azure, employers are able to control access to company’s resources and at the same time, provide visibility to related parties for risk assessments. By managing employees’ accessibility and having visibility on their work process, employers can easily assert accountability on their employees. It is easier for the technical security team of a company to pinpoint the source of a data leak and assess potential security upgrades that are necessary for the company’s staffs. 

What else can Microsoft Azure do for your organisations? Contact one of our Enfrasys experts to find out.  

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