There Is A Cloud Solution For Most SME Challenges

cloud solution
cloud solution

Introduction – Cloud Solution

The transition from in-house data and application systems to cloud computing is something small and medium businesses (SMEs) see as inevitable. They consider cloud computing as a disruption with potential to change the way business is done especially with regard to IT operations. But there is another, maybe better approach to cloud computing: that there is a cloud solution for almost every challenge facing an SME.

Types of cloud computing services

Since each business needs cloud computing for its own unique needs, it is important to understand the types of services cloud providers offer businesses.

Infrastructure as a Service (laaS): this cloud service offers configured hardware and software using a virtual interface. The basic services that laaS providers such as Azure offer include storage, servers, networking and security.

If your business is searching for an economic cloud solution that eliminates the need for capital expenditure on on-site data and hardware centers, laaS is what you should be looking for

Platform as a Service (PaaS): In addition to the services laaS provides, PaaS offers you an environment for building internet services and applications — from simple apps to complex enterprise computing systems. The PaaS environment features development tools, database management, business intelligence services, and other services frequently used by web and software developers.

Software as a Service (SaaS): Microsoft Office 365 is a good example of a SaaS service. Other services include email, calendars, web conferencing and project tracking. They allow your business to run in a more efficient, systematic and organized manner.

SaaS applications are used to solve a wide range of SME challenges – from accounting, invoicing and sales tracking to interoffice communication, performance monitoring and overall planning.

Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS): Cloud resources can be used to safeguard applications to avoid disruption and loss. Just like big businesses, SMEs are constantly concerned about the potential effects of data loss or disruption. With DRaaS, there is no worrying about downtime as the service gets your system back up and running quickly so that data can be retrieved.

Major ways in which Malaysian SMEs have benefited from Enfrasys cloud services

For the close to 10 years Enfrasys has been in existence, it has helped SMEs harness the power of cloud computing to solve business challenges of the 21 century. Here are a few major ways in which Malaysian SMEs have benefited from Enfrasys cloud services:

  • Adoption of modern technology that is of high-quality and effective in solving emerging business problems.
  • Cloud-based solutions allow SMEs to maintain more superior IT processes and monitor MIS more easily. This results to greater business transparency and organization.
  • Taking away the fear of technology. Every Microsoft cloud solution is easy to use, monitor, and track. SMEs now don’t have the fear of investing in new technologies especially when adopting cloud solutions because they are built on user-friendly models.
  • Ease of access of cloud-based business solutions: This is the greatest benefit of the cloud for SMEs. Unlike before when SMEs could not access effective technology solutions due to reasons related to cost and human capacity, today they get relevant and effective solutions thanks to cloud computing.
  • Without a doubt, SMEs have benefited greatly from the cloud computing revolution. With the numerous cloud-based services offered by trusted Microsoft and SVGA services providers, these businesses can now achieve more operational efficiency, business mobility, scalability and profitability. Enfrasys takes pride in working with Malaysia SMEs to adopt cloud computing as they grow in size and impact.

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