Why Microsoft Cloud Computing is Better Than AWS?

cloud computing
cloud computing

Are you considering tapping into the benefits of moving your servers and applications to the cloud? One of the critical decisions you will make is of which cloud computing platform to use. Particularly, you will most likely have to compare Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Service since these two are among the biggest players in the space. Both services have proved themselves reliable in effectively and securely hosting organization’s computing resources in their clouds. However, there are some stark differences between them, which you are going to learn about shortly.

Cloud Computing: Amazon Web Service Basics

The AWS Infrastructure-as-a-Service (leas) breaks down its services into four categories which are content storage and delivery, computing, networking, and database management. Everything is built on Simple Storage Service (S3) and Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2). The security and identity services offered include SSUTLS certificates management, hardware-based key storage, infrastructure resource usage monitoring, user activity and API usage tracking, and resource inventory and changes tracking.

Cloud Computing: Microsoft Azure Basics

Azure also classifies its offerings into four categories, namely, data and database management, computing, networking, and performance. Microsoft’s Active Directory, which is built on decades-old Active Directory services, is the platform on which security and management are done.

Where Microsoft cloud computing beats AWS

Ease of use Admins finds it easy to use Azure right out of the box. If you have used Windows, there’s nothing new to learn as Azure integrates seamlessly with Windows servers to create a hybrid environment. In addition, Azure Migrate greatly helps in the migration of on-premise Windows apps and data to the cloud.

AWS has features and configurations that need to be learned, which means few people can use the services out of the box.

Hybrid cloud capabilities, Microsoft is a longtime legacy IT provider that has strongly supported hybrid cloud services. In the recent past, it has provided the market with award-winning platforms like Hybrid SOL Server, Azure StorSimple, and Azure Stack.

AWS has done fairly well in the hybrid cloud space. However, it took it up only recently and its cloud story is still developing.

There are other critical advantages Azure has over AWS. For instance, Microsoft allows you to continue using your existing Windows Server and SOL Server licenses. With Software Assurance, you pay a smaller rate when you migrate to Azure The other advantage of Azure cloud services involves free extended security updates. Get 3 years of free security updates when you move your workloads to Azure.

Being heavily invested in Microsoft is a decision you cannot regret. Microsoft has deep roots in enterprise and understands its business customers. That’s why Enfrasys is committed to providing you with Microsoft’s high-ranking cloud computing products and services for improved business mobility, security, scalability and profitability.

With Microsoft’s over 30 years of service to enterprise customers, Microsoft Azure is the most sought cloud computing service. There is a good reason why more than 95 percent of Fortune 500 companies use Azure. If you have identified business needs that can be solved by moving to the cloud, Microsoft Azure is definitely a choice you will not regret.

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