What Are The Important Factors of Cloud Consulting For Every Business

cloud consulting
cloud consulting

Cloud computing has become a necessity for all kinds of businesses, and so is the need for quality cloud consulting. Research shows that business owners and executives are continually appreciating this fact. A study on The Business Value of Cloud Computing prepared by CFO research surveyed senior finance executives.

The study report presented the following findings:

  • 76 percent of the respondents said that they believe cloud computing will be an important success factor for the business in the next 12 to 18 months.
  • Greater flexibility was identified by 36 percent and improved productivity by 35 percent of the respondents as the motivation to move to the cloud.
  • In companies that have adopted cloud computing, 30 percent of the respondents indicated that their expectations about employee mobility improvement due to the use of cloud-based systems were exceeded.
  • 67 percent of the executives said they believed that cloud migration would yield higher performance of the IT function.
  • 68 percent cited data security as one of the main challenges of cloud technology implementation.

This and many surveys frequently refer to the benefits and challenges of adopting cloud computing in business. As a business person, you don’t want to be left out during this global computing revolution. At the same time, you don’t want to rush into implementing a change that will put your business at considerable security risk. That’s why you need cloud computing consulting.

How to choose the best cloud consulting service

  1. They must be tech savvy to truly understand the dynamics of cloud computing, from strategy to execution.
  2. The consultant knows your industry from experience. Every industry and business sector has unique needs and experience is needed to be able to incorporate business with technology decisions.
  3. Compliance and licensing issues, Does the consultant know the compliance requirements of cloud migration? Do they understand the licensing costs for implementing a cloud strategy?
  4. They have to be trustworthy. You need a truly trusted advisor you can work with closely to achieve long-term goals. Cloud consulting is not a quick casual encounter but a business relationship that should bear long-term business value.
  5. Success record, The existence of the cloud for a number of years now gives you an opportunity to evaluate a consultant’s performance. Ask for their projects and if possible speak with previous clients to ensure that you are dealing with someone who actually does what he says.
  6. Knowledge of regulation and security measures, Everyone is concerned about security breaches when it comes to cloud computing. The cloud consultant should have extensive knowledge about industry regulations and should also have expertise in implementing cloud security measures.

As cloud computing grows, so does the number of consultants on the market. In Kuala Lumpur and the entire Malaysia, Enfrasys has built a reputation of supporting businesses adopt well thought-out cloud technology solutions. In partnership with Microsoft, Enfrasys provides businesses with cloud platforms such as Azure, which offers a wide range of cutting-edge features and functionalities for effective and profitable cloud migration. Contact Enfrasys today if there is anything you need to know about cloud computing Malaysia.

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