Powered by Cloud: The Booming Digital Economy

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The world is continuously changing. Most successful enterprises have undergone processes of digitalization, globalization, and creating digital connections with their staff and customers throughout the globe. The world has been digitalized, all of us have been responsible in partaking in today’s digital transformation. 

Digital transformation is not “The Matrix”. We are not sucked into the Internet and forced to live in simulations. Digital transformation is simply the improvement of our daily activities or businesses using modern technology to be more efficient, proactive, and generally better. Prior to the digital era, everyone buys groceries at their local supermarkets, but today, groceries are purchased online through e-Commerce marketplaces. We save up on fuel, time, and lower our carbon emissions by staying indoor and profiting from digital transformation. 

Digital transformation is also responsible for the way we view our economy today. Our recent economic activity is a result from the online connections that we have with each other and businesses. This is known as the digital economy. 

According to Heeks and Bukht, economy researchers from University of Manchester, “the digital economy of developing countries will boost economic growth, raise productivity of capital and labour, lower transaction costs and facilitate access to the global markets”. The digital economy is changing the way consumers interact with businesses and the conventional way businesses are functioning. The recent MyDIGITAL initiative by Malaysia’s Prime Minister, Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin, has allowed government sectors to grow alongside private sectors in digitalization. It is Malaysia’s ambition to become a regional leader in today’s digital economy. 

Digitalisation comes with larger concerns such as security and data storage. These topics of security and data residency could be managed by experienced MSPs and established CSPs by providing comprehensive cloud packages that are suitable for both businesses and government agencies. Cloud technology is the backbone of digital economy, and to celebrate Malaysia’s growth in the digitalization process, Microsoft is investing its technological expertise in Malaysia through the building of the first ever datacenter region in Malaysia as part of Microsoft’s Bersama Malaysia plan.  

Microsoft is ranked highest in Gartner’s 2021 Magic Quadrant for Cloud AI Developer Services in terms of executability while Microsoft Azure ranks second in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Cloud Infrastructure and Platform Services 2020. As a trusted Microsoft partner who has been in the cloud business since 2010, Enfrasys looks forward to providing trust, greater services, and connections with business owners and Malaysia’s government agencies.  

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