Microsoft Acquires Peer5 to Improve Teams’ Live Video Streaming

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Microsoft Teams has been a large part of the hybrid and remote workplace even prior to the Coronavirus pandemic. As more companies, businesses, and organizations, rely on video conferences and live streaming for discussions and meetings, it is only vital for communication platforms to provide seamless and high-quality live video streaming. 

Enterprise Content Delivery Networks (eCDN) can reduce corporate downlike bandwidth limitations to provide good quality live streaming and video conferences for large audiences. Keeping this in mind, Nicole Herkowitz, the General Manager of Microsoft Teams, has recently announced that Microsoft has acquired Peer5 to further improve Teams’ capabilities. 

According to Herkowitz, “Peer5 offers a WebRTC-based eCDN solution that runs in-browser to optimize bandwidth usage helping mitigate impacts to network and line of business (LOB) applications. Its mesh networks are self-balancing and automatically scale as the number of viewers increase. The technology does not require additional installation on user endpoints or changes to the physical network infrastructure.” 

Peer5’s involvement with Microsoft will indeed boost the quality of Microsoft Teams’ live streaming and video conferences, especially for larger audiences. Although Teams current services are relatively good for video conferences in smaller scales, the quality tends to drop in larger conferences. With Peer5’s eCDN technology, Microsoft will be able to improve its streaming quality. 

Microsoft is committed at empowering companies, organisations, and individuals, and acquiring Peer5, is part of that commitment. Together, Microsoft and Peer5 will build a better hybrid and remote workplace environments. 

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