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Microsoft Office suite is often readily available in most universities. From public and private universities in Kuala Lumpur, to those in Sabah and Sarawak, they all offer self-installations of Microsoft Office to their fellow students and faculty members for academic use.  

Tools that come with Microsoft Office A1 suite empower educators and students to learn and teach better in both classrooms and online classes. Microsoft Office A1 package includes the Office apps (Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote) and 11 additional services (Exchange, OneDrive, SharePoint, Teams, Sway, Forms, Stream, Power Automate, Power Apps, School Data Sync, and Yammer). This standard package promotes creativity and teamwork among students, while simultaneously provide students and educators with data security as they work on confidential assignments or tasks. 

How does Microsoft Office 365 A1 package empower educators and students? 

Microsoft OneDrive 

Microsoft OneDrive is an Internet-based cloud storage system that generously provide free storage of 1TB for anyone with a Microsoft account. OneDrive is often pre-installed into Windows 10 laptops or PCs, allowing users to instantaneously back up their folders and files to the cloud. The large storage provided by OneDrive is higher than Microsoft’s competitors and complemented by Windows 10 compatibility with the software, users can guarantee that their school projects and assignments will not disappear or be deleted if their laptops suddenly run out of power. 

Microsoft Teams 

Microsoft Teams is a suitable platform for online classes, general meetings, and even study group discussions. Students and educators can opt for video conferences or simple calls during their classes. Teachers can also collaborate on their students’ documents by marking or amending their students’ assignments directly on Teams without the need to open a new app. Students can also set up appointments with their respective teachers or lecturers using the built-in calendar in Teams. With Microsoft Teams, online classes can be more effective and interactive. 

Microsoft Word 

Microsoft Word is the most used and popular word processing programme in the world. It allows users to change the formats of documents and has templates for multiple use like resumes, brochures, etc. However, the most interesting feature that Word has is its collaborative function across multiple devices and platforms, powered by Microsoft OneDrive. With Microsoft Word, students can edit their assignments together with their groupmates and have them readily available in their personal OneDrive. The same document is also available on their laptops or PCs without the need to access the Internet. OneDrive backs up the documents on the cloud whenever its user is connected to the Internet, making the documents accessible with or without the Internet.  

Microsoft PowerPoint 

Microsoft PowerPoint is a programme often used for presentations during meetings or teaching sessions. It provides visual aid to convince viewers of the presenters’ topics and discussions. This programme comes with many colourful templates, suitable for formal or fun teaching environments. Students can also record their presentations with calming background music or use pointers to highlight the importance of their presentations. PowerPoint also let users collaboratively edit their presentations with their group members. Group members may also leave comments on the presentation’s slides. This allows discussion and presentation to progress more efficiently. 

Microsoft Excel 

Microsoft Excel is a spreadsheet programme that is suitable for tabulation of data, data analysis, documentation, and the production of various forms of graphs. Excel is a programme that is often used by economic, science, engineering, and research students in general. Microsoft Excel under O365 allows multiple users to simultaneously enter data to the same spreadsheet. This allows group members to tally their evidence and data with one another, despite being in different countries or states. The workload of group projects is easily distributed through Excel, allowing everyone to have access to their data and findings. 

What’s Next? 

It is important for students and educators to pay attention to the tools provided to them by their universities. Although not all universities and colleges equip their staffs and students with Microsoft Office suite, it is never too late to do so. Educators and teachers will always want the best tools and platforms for their students. At Enfrasys, we specialised in providing solutions including the Microsoft Office 365 A1 package for academic usage. 

Any educational institution that is interested and keen to upgrade their university’s systems through Microsoft Office 365 packages, may contact Enfrasys’ experts for consultation. 

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