Migrating to Hybrid Cloud? Rethink Business Security with these Cloud Computing Solutions

cloud computing solutions

Introduction – Cloud Computing Solutions

While hybrid cloud infrastructure offers many strategic and competitive advantages, using it also means dealing with a new breed of security breaches. According to a 2018 cloud threat joint report by KPMG and Oracle, many organizations face the challenge of closing the gap between the use of cloud services and the readiness to securely grow their cloud footprint. As cloud platform risks and vulnerabilities continue to increase in number and diversity, many services KL are coming up with robust cloud computing solutions for security.

Your business won’t stop adopting new technology or on-boarding new customers. And customers will continually demand to be provided with simple-to-use systems. Your systems are creating and using massive amounts of data. These systems, applications, and data cannot be secured before knowing what the real vulnerabilities are.

Significant Vulnerabilities to Consider when using Solutions for Cloud Computing

Below are significant vulnerabilities that every business should consider as they think of using cloud computing solutions in Malaysia:

  1. The threat landscape is becoming more complex and varied
    Phishing, malware, and exploits headline many cloud platform news. Also coming up as one of the great concern to businesses are threats such as business email compromises.
  2. Many customers don’t clearly understand their cloud security obligations
    Users interpret differently the shared security responsibility of using a hybrid cloud. Where does the provider’s responsibility and where does the customer’s start? This confusion poses a risk to cloud infrastructure, applications, and users.
  3. Threat detection is not always easy in the hybrid cloud
    Customers identify threat and reaction as one of the top cybersecurity challenges. There is a visibility gap that providers must address in collaboration with their customers. Businesses will need to use technologies and solutions that can keep up with the pace at which cloud platform is becoming complicated.
  4. Identity management for cloud users
    A hybrid cloud can host applications used by thousands of people. Some are mobile-eccentric employees. Knowledge worker mobility has made identity management challenging, which makes aligning roles and permissions a critical strategic imperative.
  5. Cloud applications are not just about technology
    In the use of hybrid cloud infrastructure, technology alone isn’t enough. Organizations have to fund retooling initiatives with best practices that focus on people and processes in addition to technology.

Cloud computing is a fundamental paradigm shift disrupting every market and bringing up security challenges that businesses must deal with to truly realize the many benefits of it.

The emergent threats of using hybrid cloud solutions necessitate changes in hybrid cloud Malaysia, and for businesses using these cloud facilities to rethink security. The agility of the cloud, shared cloud security responsibilities, and increased worker mobility require businesses to scale everything — from applications, users’ understanding of cloud solutions, and security requirements.

Microsoft Azure, the leading cloud computing solutions platform is provided by Microsoft in partnership with Enfrasys. All products and services on the platform are updated as far as security is concerned. The company has invested in innovative ways of making foolproof for Malaysia hybrid cloud solution. For instance, Microsoft’s use of machine learning is helping to improve the efficiency of threat detection and prevention mechanisms integrated with Microsoft Azure. This development coupled with security automation also enhances the security of cloud-enabled workplaces.

Don’t let your business stay exposed to the inevitable security threats and vulnerabilities of cloud computing. Engage Enfrasys today to revitalize the security of your cloud-based business functionalities. Enfrasys is dedicated to providing you with solutions that help to improve the mobility, security, productivity, and scalability of your business.

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