Top Cloud Computing Malaysia Providers: Microsoft Azure Dominates

cloud computing malaysia
cloud computing malaysia

The use of cloud computing Malaysia is growing wide and deep as companies seek to harness its power to enhance business efficiencies. As a result, it is significantly driving companies’ IT spending. Global IT spending is predicted to increase by about 3.2 percent to reach $3.76 trillion by the end of 2019. As-a-service models, it has the greatest impact on the overall IT spending. Companies now appreciate the fact that cloud computing Malaysia is an inevitable disruption that gains more power by each dawn. The increased use of it also means increased competition among the providers as well as the consulting Malaysia players.

Microsoft Azures is a top cloud provider all over the world. The software-as-a-service giant is running more and more of enterprises’ cloud-based operations. 

What makes Microsoft Azure a top cloud computing Malaysia service provider?

Competitive pricing

Cost management is of critical importance to related customers. Microsoft Azure’s products are high-quality cloud computing and storage solutions that include tools for server-less functions and machine learning. All these are offered at a very favorable price through approved Microsoft partners in Malaysia.

Multi-cloud integration ability

Public cloud users are increasingly using multiple vendors. Microsoft Azure can be paired with other platforms to meet the customers’ requirements. This has driven up its usage significantly in Malaysia.

Analytics and artificial intelligence

These are the new technologies customers are looking for when choosing this service. In addition to cloud storage and server-less functions, Microsoft Azure is pioneering the addition of technologies for Al and analytics across cloud applications.


As more players enter the cloud computing space with all sorts of promises on what they offer, transparency is becoming a concern among customers. Microsoft Azure uses simple-to-understand pricing for its packages. Customers get exactly what they need because the Azure package can be customized to fit the requirements of the client.

Choosing the right cloud provider can mean success or failure in meeting your enterprise’s needs. 

Enfrasys was recognized as 2018 Microsoft Country Partner of the Year for Malaysia in June 2018. The company was chosen over more than 2600 competitors from more than 115 countries worldwide. The company works closely with Microsoft Malaysia to deliver innovative integrated solutions. Enfrasys’ deep understanding of the strengths of Microsoft solutions helps it to offer highly competitive solutions to cloud computing Malaysia customers. 

Some of the solutions Enfrasys provides its Microsoft Azure customers include:

  • Azure Site Recovery (ASR): allows cross-platform disaster recovery
  • Public cloud deployment using Windows Azure Pack
  • i-DO, an IOT solution that uses Microsoft Azure and SYBA
  • Unlimited 24-hour support to customers when implementing Azure solutions 

Enfrasys helps you safeguard your business anywhere by providing you with SYBA Malaysia products. As you continue to adopt worker mobility at your enterprise, SYBA ensures that there is flexibility, collaboration, data security, and productivity across all devices used in your organization any time and from anywhere. SYBA also offers a rich ecosystem of intelligent automation and communication applications. Increase engagement with your customers and achieve better service quality with SYBA. 

Enfrasys has developed numerous integrated solutions. With its experience of offering working solutions for many cadres of clients, the company can help you kick-start your organization’s digital transformation journey. Discover the unique value Enfrasys offers Microsoft Azure and SYBA Malaysia to customers. 

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