Guide to choosing the best data security solution from Microsoft 365 Malaysia

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 cloud infrastructure Malaysia

Business digitization is growing at a rapid pace. Correspondingly, data breach and cyber-attack threats are on the rise. Businesses need to invest in data security solutions to ensure that their resources and functions on different cloud infrastructure Malaysia are well protected.

IT security solutions come in different forms including software such as firewall, spyware, and encryption. Microsoft 365 offers cloud computing services such as simplified security solutions designed to assist in safeguarding data on PCs, tablets, and phones. 

Providers and partners of Microsoft 365 Malaysia assist with additional support in form of consulting or implementation services. Enfrasys helps clients to deploy sufficient data security programs for their businesses, among other cloud computing services in KL.

Security features offered by Microsoft 365
If you want total protection for your business against cyber-attacks, Microsoft 365 Business is the plan you should be looking for. Here are some advanced features offered by the plan:

1. Advanced Threat Protection (ATP)Sophisticated ransomware attackers and phishers can compromise the security of employee and customer information. ATP guards your business against these sophisticated criminals by:

  • Automatic regular checks of web links to evaluate if they are part of a phishing scheme. ATP keeps your environment protected even when users click malicious links.
  • Advanced scanning and AI-powered analysis of attachments to detect and remove dangerous messages

2. Data loss prevention policies (DLP)Microsoft 365 enables you to set up data security policies to help detect sensitive information. For instance, a DLP can include the detection of social security and credit card numbers to prevent inadvertent sharing outside the company’s network.

3. Azure Information Protection
Classification of information as “Confidential” and controls like “Do not copy” or “Do not forward” are necessary when you want to control access to sensitive data in documents or emails. Microsoft 365 offers enterprise-grade encryption that can help to keep your sensitive information private. For Office apps, the Azure Information Protection add-in can be installed.

4.Exchange Online Archiving
In the event of data loss, you want to have a reliable way of restoring sensitive information. Exchange Online Archiving is a feature of Microsoft 365 that enables continuous data backup for easy archiving of messages. In addition, you can make use of different retention policies for the preservation of email data and for compliance as well.

Ensuring that you choose the best Microsoft 365 data security solutions
The best way to make sure that your businesses are kept safe “in the cloud” is by connecting with a trusted Microsoft 365 provider. The solution provider will keep you up-to-date with technology-based cloud security solutions for your business. This will help you to save time and money, grow your business and maximize ROI.

Enfrasys is an award-winning certified Microsoft solution provider. The company has extensive experience in the deployment of cloud infrastructure Malaysia through the implementation of enterprise technologies including SharePoint, Azure, Office 365, Windows 10, Exchange Online, Skype for Business, Enterprise Mobility Suite, and more. 

For any cloud computing, migration, IT support and productivity services, contact Enfrasys Malaysia and rest assured of improved mobility, security, and profitability.

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