4 Questions to Ask Before Transitioning to Cloud

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Cloud migration is a hotly discussed topic among C-levels in Malaysia, powered by the government’s MyDIGITAL initiatives and the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. Over the last few years, several companies have incorporated free cloud platforms on the Internet as part of their IT strategies to cut down cost. However, these free platforms have questionable security system which is dangerous for companies’ data. Rather than incorporating untrusted free cloud platforms for companies’ usages, it is better for C-levels to consider migrating to cloud to get the most out of the technology.  

Transitioning to cloud is a serious decision to make as it affects the company’s productivity, costings, and performances. Therefore, it is important to have a strategy before transitioning to cloud. Here are four questions you need to ask yourself before transitioning to cloud: 

Why am I transitioning to Cloud? 

It is important for C-level leaders to ask themselves why do they choose to move their businesses to the cloud. By identifying the reasons behind their migrations to cloud, it is easier for MSPs to suggest on suitable solutions for their companies – whether it’s a public cloud or a hybrid cloud involving the usage of on-premises infrastructure. When C-level leaders ask themselves this question, it allows their companies to assess their needs prior to the transition.  

While many generally understand that transitioning to cloud today is a good and trendy move, a lot of C-level leaders do not really capture how beneficial the cloud can be for their businesses. In general, all cloud services will save them time, money, and infrastructure, but which cloud services will benefit them the most? When business owners identify their businesses’ needs, their chosen MSPs will be able to assist them on the best cloud services for their companies. 

What is my company’s migration process? 

In preparing for your company’s migration to cloud, it is necessary to map out your migration process. Business owners can begin doing so by creating a clear mind map of their organisations and make an application dependency mapping. It is important to note that a lot of applications do not exist on its own as many depend on other applications or software to function. This is why application dependency mapping is important. Some applications rely on extended software or a different application to function, and without their components, they are not able to function properly. By mapping the applications reliance, these applications can be migrated to the cloud in groups. 

What are my MSP’s responsibilities? 

The next question that C-level leaders should ask themselves is related to their MSPs technical capabilities. What will be their MSPs responsibilities and what will be the companies’ technical teams’ responsibilities? 

Having clear boundaries on what your MSP can and cannot do for you is important because if certain issues arise and they are not included in your MSP’s aftercare package, you may have to fork out the company’s money to hire professional technical staffs or enroll your current staffs in specialized cloud related training. This problem can be avoided with transparency between your chosen MSP and your company.  

Can I use the same security system as before? 

The main concern of C-level leaders prior to transitioning to cloud will be security. On-premises security needs to be reconfigured before it is useable in the cloud environment. However, the reconfigured security may not provide enough protection for the company’s data as its security features are limited to certain workloads and not the entirety of the cloud. 

Fortunately, at Enfrasys, there are many cybersecurity solutions provided based on the clients’ needs. It is much easier and safer to adopt security solutions provided by the MSPs because they are more proficient on their clients’ security needs. With diverse security solutions provided by Enfrasys’ Safeguard Your Business Everywhere (SYBA), companies do not need to worry on their security infrastructure after transitioning to cloud. 


C-level leaders are upgrading their businesses by moving their companies to cloud. Cloud migration provides a lot of benefits including lower costs and scalability. Adopting a new technology may be difficult and scary at first, but with reliable MSPs, your cloud transition journey can be smooth and easy. 

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