How Microsoft Office 365 can secure Malaysia enterprise business data?

Microsoft Office 365 Malaysia secure enterprise data
Enterprises are vulnerable to attacks, especially due to the increasing sophistication of cybercrimes. Microsoft 365 is developed for this reason, among others. Microsoft office 365 is a security- enhanced solution designed after the rigorous iterations of strengthening data security. It uses the defense-in-depth method to provide a consistent additional layer of security features for enterprise data and related operational processes. Integrating Microsoft Office 365 Malaysia in your enterprise systems creates additional administrative controls; to create a secure environment for critical data and business operational practices. In this article, we provide you with the security features that come with Office 356 for business.

Data Encryption

Microsoft Office 365 allows you to encrypt data saved on your computers, mobile devices and other online repositories. An enterprise system administrator can enable BitLocker inbuilt for Microsoft Office 365 to encrypt data, using a Microsoft Deployment Toolkit designed for Window computers.
The Mobile Device Management also provides encryption capabilities for files saved and accessed from mobile devices using Office 365. The mobile security policies allow users to encrypt data when Microsoft Office 365 Malaysia serves as the default enterprise office suite.
When communicating through email, the Exchange Online feature allows administrators to encrypt email content using tools such as Azure Rights Management to enable people within the organization to send internal and external messages with encryption.

Protection against Ransomware Attacks

The sophistication of the cyber environment means that your business is susceptible to more ransomware and phishing attacks created for malicious reasons, including compromising critical enterprise data The Advanced Threat Protection feature is designed to scan suspicious files and other messages when using different computing environments. The embedded Al-enabled features can detect and eliminate suspicious messages before they damage your data
Microsoft Office 365 comes with automated advanced protection capability to ensure that cyber threats are detected and blocked autonomously. The Advanced Threat Protection feature executes programmed canning of web links to ascertain their credibility before opening. In addition, Microsoft Office 365’s Al-enabled threat protection shields computing devices from access to unsafe sites or networks.

Azure Protection

Microsoft Office 365 includes an additional protection feature, Azure Information Protection. These features allow users to control authorization to accessing and modifying content in documents and emails. This capability provides controls that help to categorize information and choose how it can be accessed and used within the organization. The Azure protection capabilities work for all office apps.

Prevents Data Leakage

The computing infrastructure may exhibit some weak points through data may leak. Microsoft Office 365 provides data leak prevention capabilities that can detect and block sharing of sensitive data such as social security, credit card, among other private credentials. By activating the data leak prevention controls, the software can automatically prevent unintentional leakage of data.
There is a vast range of reasons for every enterprise to adopt data security and privacy measures, including the long-standing vulnerability of the computing environment. Microsoft Office 365 Malaysia is designed for this purpose.

Microsoft Office 365 Malaysia – SYBA

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