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Microsoft azure active directory MalaysiaAzure Active Directory(AAD) or Microsoft Azure provides you with control privileges to determine which user access what app or data on your cloud servers, in anywhere in the world including Malaysia. The control allows you to set conditions on what in which contexts. This text explains how AAD can provide this controls and how to exploit the conditional access privileges.

Who Can Use Azure Active Directory

As an App developer, IT administrator, or a user of Microsoft Enterprise solutions such as Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Azure, AAD is meant for your purpose. IT administrators can leverage AAD to control resources based on the underlying requirements. This includes online app systems and firmware, and data therein. AAD provides strong tools of securing resources against unidentified access or control access of known users.

As an application system developer, AAD is ideal for your experience, including developing customized apps by exploiting organizational data Also, AAD provides single sign-in, a functionality that allows you use one-time credentials to develop your apps. AAD provides developers with a unique guide on the standard-based methods of using the controls.

A user of Microsoft Office 365 or Microsoft 365 is already enrolled to the Azure Active Directory, and can leverage the access and control privileges as the resources stored with cloud solutions.

How to use Azure Active Directory Controls

Grant controls allow you to allow or deny access to your resources by imposing conditions. This includes multiple controls through which you can condition all one requirement or multiple requirements to be met before allowing access.

The requirements to be fulfilled may include multi-factor authentication, Azure Active Directory control that blocks unauthorized users and allow those with valid credentials to access the apps.

As an employer, you can control how your subordinates access company data for personal and business-related purposes. The app protection policies allow you to control devices that can access the data, especially when the devices are not operated from within the premises. This requires listing the approved devices that can access the data, or set conditions for client app to approve or disallow their access.

The Control Accesses of AAD

AAD also allows you to custom controls, meaning that users of cloud resources or data are redirected to an external service through which access requests can be validated or authenticated before coming back to the AAD. Based on the custom controls, AAD can allow who fulfill the requirements or deny users who fail the requirements. Essentially, AAD augments to the conditional control capabilities, allowing you to remain in control even when not working.

Remaining in control also means that you can deactivate the custom control or update the access policy. You can simply delete conditions.

The most important step to being in control with AAD is to learn about the configurations of access requirement policy. If you know the right configuration, AAD is ready for you.

For more information and learning how to configure and modify Microsoft Azure Active Directory in Malaysia, refer to Enfrasys, an IT solution provider for all security needs to ensure seamless operations, productivity and mobility.

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