Why Do You Need Microsoft Mobile Management For Better Cloud Security?

Microsoft mobile management
Microsoft mobile management

In many organizations operating in today’s highly digitized business world, it is common practice for employees to use mobile devices to interact with enterprise infrastructure as they go about their duties. Enterprise mobility management is exactly what is needed to keep company data safe and confidential. Microsoft mobile management is a part of Microsoft’s cloud security Malaysia and is a critical element of cloud security for many Malaysian businesses.

Importance of Mobile Management

The main aim of Microsoft mobile management is to protect a business from attacks by human hackers or malware while allowing seamless access to enterprise infrastructure. In the most basic sense, mobile management entails a number of aspects including:

  • Configuring devices and applications for use in an enterprise. It is also important for managing updates and device upgrades.
  • Auditing, tracking, and reporting of mobile device inventories and usage to manage assets and verify compliance.
  • Protection of enterprise data to ensure that employee termination, data loss, theft, or any other incidents don’t expose the company to severe security issues. Microsoft Azure provides mobile management abilities in terms of controls for data access rights, encryption, application wrapping, shared devices and device lockdown.
  • Troubleshoot problems using mobile device inventory as well as analytics to understand remote actions.

If your business is aiming at managing devices more efficiently across the organization, get in touch with a trusted provider of Microsoft Azure in Malaysia.

Microsoft Intune

Microsoft Azure offers Intune, a cloud-based tool for enterprise mobility management. As a component of Microsoft’s EMS (Microsoft’s Enterprise Mobility + Security), Intune integrates with other components of the EMS platform including Azure Information Protection for cloud security Malaysia. In addition, it integrates with Microsoft Active Directory which has an app protection policy that maintains a distinction between personal and corporate data.

Mobile Device Management for Office 365

Microsoft also offers Mobile Device Management for Office 365. This service helps to secure and manage iPhones, iPads, Windows and Android phones that are currently used by licensed Office 365 users within your organization.

Why do you need Microsoft mobile management today?

  • Set mobile device management policies 

With Microsoft’s mobile managed service, you can create settings for mobile device management policies to help control access to the organizations Office 365 documents and email. If the user’s device is not compliant with a set policy, their access to Office 365 resources might be blocked, or they might be able allowed access but Office 365 will send a policy violation report. 

In case a mobile device is stolen, with Microsoft Device Management you can wipe the device remotely to remove any sensitive corporate information. For instance, a policy can be set to lock mobile devices after five minutes of inactivity or have devices wiped off corporate data after three consecutive sign-in failures.

  • Multi-factor authentication (MFA)

Using MFA is recommended for increased cloud security in Malaysia. It helps to secure sign in into cloud infrastructure and resources by requiring a second authentication after the user inputs a password. The second authentication may be an acknowledgement text message, phone call, or app notification on the user’s mobile device.

Other benefits of using Microsoft mobile management include:

  • Get real-time status as well as historical visibility of mobile devices and their activities
  • View and control mobile device usage remotely
  • Safeguard the integrity and confidentiality of your data

Are you skeptical about the safety of your business data? Don’t stress while Enfrasys is here to offer the best IT solutions for increased mobility, security (both on-premise and cloud security), and productivity. The company will help you deploy Microsoft mobile management to enable you to maintain flawless security at application and device level. With Enfrasys, you can be sure of unbreakable user privacy and protection of critical corporate information against unauthorized use.

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