Customized Email Solutions with Cloud-Based Email Migration Services

email migration services
email migration services

If you are not yet in the cloud, you need an end to end services to help you securely migrate your email. You are a business in Malaysia getting ready to move your email environment. It’s automatic that you need a reliable email hosting provider that will help you complete your project as per the requirements of your business and within your budgets. The service should also provide flexible options for email migration services to ensure that you get exactly what fits your business.

Business benefits of email migration services to the cloud

One of the critical concerns of small and medium businesses in Malaysia is the burden IT infrastructure exerts on the business’ scarce resources. A lot of time and money needs to be availed to install, manage, and upgrade systems for email, intranets, and documents. However, most of these efforts have little to do with the core business. Today’s prudent business leaders know that migrating IT functionalities to the cloud can help to scale the business and achieve more profitability.

Below are reasons why you should talk to your Microsoft 365 Malaysia provider for email migration services:

1. Reduced email hosting costs
Research has shown that cloud-based applications are cheaper by as much as 50% compared to in-house applications in the medium to long term. Every business is looking for ways to cut business costs in the current challenging economic times. Consider the cost savings offered by email migration to the cloud.

2. Focus on your core operations
There are many benefits of focusing more on core business. Employees are able to stretch their creativity and innovation and this could result in the development of new products or better services to clients.

With email infrastructure management transferred to the cloud vendor, you can give your business renewed focus for more efficiency and growth.

3. Forget those disruptive system upgrade cycles
Email cloud systems are upgraded in the background on a continuous basis. This means you will not have to worry about the costs and efforts of legacy software upgrade cycles, or possible downtime that could happen during these upgrades. You will also be sure that the business email systems are kept at the cutting edge.

4. Superior IT security
A trustworthy email migration service vendor can offer better email security than your in-house team using the same budget. Get a cloud-based email solution that comes with cyber-security features built in (anti-spam, DKIM — Domain Keys Identification Mail, and anti-malware).

5. Enhanced mobility
One of the current trends in business is workforce mobility. Cloud systems have become the ideal way for workers to access communication and other business continuity tools on a wide variety of devices outside the company’s firewalls. Cloud-based email systems will ensure that your business is not left behind and that it benefits from enhanced mobility.

Microsoft 365 Malaysia cloud-based email services can help you eliminate email infrastructure and solution maintenance, avoid costly downtime, achieve more business efficiency, enhance IT security, and scale the business higher.

As a Microsoft Certified Partner in Malaysia, Enfrasys has the experience to provide your business with a strong business email solution. Dedicated specialists work with you to help manage your email migration project. The company offers flexible migration plans as well as simple tools that enable for easy mobile device configuration. If you need email migration services or a solution like Microsoft Hosted Exchange, legacy document management systems such as SharePoint, or any Microsoft 365 product, contact Enfrasys. It is a leading cloud computing company in Malaysia with a reputation of providing cutting edge IT business solutions for security, mobility and productivity.

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