Benefits of Working With an Approved Microsoft 365 Malaysia Provider

microsoft 365 malaysia

Introduction – Microsoft 365 Malaysia

Are you wondering how using cloud computing storage can help to cut business costs while increasing productivity? Or does your business have multiple office locations and you need seamless workplace communication and collaboration systems?

An approved Microsoft 365 Malaysia provider can work with you to integrate cloud computing solutions into your existing business systems. A Microsoft 365 provider is a Microsoft partner dedicated to sell and support specific Microsoft products. Working with such a provider gives you easy access to highly competitive Microsoft products such as the office suite platform Office 365.

As a Microsoft 365 Customer, you enjoy benefits such as:

  • A complete business toolkit for rationalization and driving employee engagement.
  • Centralized IT management with built-in security and compliance.
  • Opportunities to share and discover across applications through connected experiences.
  • Maximum business productivity

With a Microsoft 365 Malaysia provider, you can discover managed service opportunities and practice areas that can help your business deliver customer value and achieve growth.

What are some of the products and services approved Microsoft vendors offer?

Office 365

Office 365 is an office suite tool with a wide variety of computing features. In addition to Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, the platform integrates email, mobile app, and file storage solutions.

Microsoft 365 also integrates with other Microsoft solutions including SharePoint. When you need to used Office 365, an approved Microsoft 365 provider adds features or services based on your business’ needs. For many users of cloud computing storage in Malaysia, Office 365 is the go-to place for top-of-the-line business productivity tools. The applications are maintained always to their latest versions, and they enable you to create, edit, and share between Android, Windows and iOS devices in real time.

Microsoft Azure

Azure is a central marketplace for resources that can be provisioned and/or purchased. It allows you to browse thousands of Microsoft items to help you find what your business needs.

Cloud migration services

With a reliable Microsoft 365 Malaysia provider, you are sure of seamless migration to the cloud. Cloud migration enables your business to consume IT as a service. A provider helps you to complete your migration project successfully by packaging all the solutions you need are and offering technical support in the implementation of the project. This makes it easier, quicker and cheaper to deploy IT services based on your business’ needs. In addition, the provider gives you free after-sale service to ensure that your business derives as much value as possible from the Microsoft cloud computing solutions you purchased.

As one of the approved Microsoft 365 Malaysia providers, Enfrasys has a diverse portfolio of solutions for cloud computing storage in Malaysia. Its team of dedicated experts offer support to Microsoft 365 customers whenever they need it. From availing multi-cloud and hybrid IT services to ensuring that security on the platforms, Enfrasys endeavors to offer the best IT support to businesses in Kuala Lumpur.

For almost 10 years now, Enfrasys has been leading in the provision of competitive services that improve customer engagement, employee efficiency, and business productivity. Just give these computing gurus your business needs and they will know what should be done to drive your business to better productivity.

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