Why you should take cybersecurity threats seriously?

We spend half of our daily routine on the Internet – browsing social medias, branding ourselves or our companies, and staying in touch with family, friends, and cliques through apps like Microsoft Team, Zoom, and Google Meet. The data that we provided for the Internet allows strangers with unknown intentions to reach out to us, and at times, misuse our data for cyber threats. 

Cyber threats vary in types depending on their targets. There are multiple types of cyber threats: phishing, malwares, ransomwares, Denial of Service attack (DDoS), and general data breaches. While individuals are more susceptible to attacks like phishing and scams, organisations are more exposed to planned and calculated attacks orchestrated by their competitors for corporate espionage, organized hackers or crime groups, nation-states, and even terrorists, just to gain advantage and insider knowledge over the businesses. 

Once companies or organisations’ security systems are breached, leaked data may be sold to irresponsible and illegal third parties. Not only that, attackers may threaten to reveal the companies’ data to the public if the victims refused to pay ransom.  

Users, business owners, and organization leaders, need to be wary of their cybersecurity systems and upgrade them to suit personal or business needs. At Enfrasys, clients can rest assured that their cybersecurity systems will consistently be fortified to protect their companies or organisations valuable resources. 


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