Practicing Teamwork, Remotely, with Microsoft 365

microsoftteams image (4)

microsoftteams image (4)

Establishing teamwork and a sense of camaraderie among employees are a struggle for today’s companies and organizations. This is especially true for newer employees and interns who do not get the chance to work in an office atmosphere. However, this is easily made possible with Microsoft 365. Microsoft 365 grants users the ability to instantly connect and communicate with their coworkers. 

How does Microsoft 365 helps build teamwork? 


Microsoft Teams allow employees to better connect with one another. Features such as meetings, calls, segregation of employees according to their departments, and built-in calendars are perfect for remote working as employees are now able to collaborate on some of their workloads and instantly organize meetings that can fit into everyone’s busy schedule. When users are projecting their screens during a meeting, they may use “Give Control” function to give their teammates control over the projected screen. This way, teammates are able to present on projects more smoothly. 


Microsoft 365 comes with Microsoft Planner. Planner is good for a department or a team to keep up with each other’s works. Users may write down their to-do list in Planner and if they had too much on their plates, others may offer to collaboratively work on certain items on the Planner. This transparency among coworkers is important to maintain a cohesive and fluid remote work environment.  


The storage system that comes with Microsoft 365 is extremely organized and secure. For personal usage, employees may use Microsoft OneDrive. OneDrive is suitable for storing documents or drafts that are not ready for public view. However, documents on personal OneDrive can also be viewed by others whenever necessary by granting individual access to the documents. Microsoft SharePoint is the public version of OneDrive where a department or a team may have access to a lot of documents. SharePoint is perfect for maintaining a company or organisation’s data.  


All of these tools are compatible with the standard Microsoft Office software that we use on a daily basis, like Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Word. These additional advantages that comes with Microsoft 365 seamlessly integrate with our work, making them necessary for today’s remote working employees. 

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