Guide to choosing the best data security solution from Microsoft 365 Malaysia

Business digitization is growing at a rapid pace. Correspondingly, data breach and cyber-attack threats are on the rise. Businesses need to invest in data security solutions to ensure that their resources and functions on different cloud infrastructure Malaysia are well protected. IT security solutions come in different forms including software…


Why Do You Need Microsoft Mobile Management For Better Cloud Security?

In many organizations operating in today's highly digitized business world, it is common practice for employees to use mobile devices to interact with enterprise infrastructure as they go about their duties. Enterprise mobility management is exactly what is needed to keep company data safe and confidential. Microsoft mobile management is…


How To Choose Best Email Service Provider Malaysia

An Email Service Provider (ESP), is a company that distributes and manages software-based solutions including hosting email campaign and broadcasting. Essentially, an ESP, also called email hosting provider, is an enterprise’s mail house. Its main function is to send out regular emails and newsletters from its server. These servers are…


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