MyDIGITAL outlines the plans to accelerate Malaysia’s progress as a technologically advanced economy, through the Malaysia Digital Economy Blueprint. This will chart the path to strategically position ourselves as a competitive force in this new era. 

MyDIGITAL is a critical enabler in realizing our Twelfth Malaysia Plan, 2021-2025 (RMKe-12), 
as we work towards Wawasan Kemakmuran Bersama 2030.

– Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin

Enfrasys Solutions has been selected as
Managed Service Provider (MSP)

With our experience of helping multiple organizations achieving their desired outcomes through digital transformation, we are confident in helping government agencies by providing solutions and services with Microsoft Cloud Solutions, especially in this era. It is essential to keep up with digital transformation as it allows us to use technologies to create new – or modify existing – business processes, culture, and customer experiences to the current market requirements.

Technology-driven culture
within the organization

With just a click, ministries and agencies can target and connect with their clients in a fuss-free way. It also empowers public servants by leveraging IT and developing a technology-driven culture within the organization. With the technology-driven culture, it enhances public servants’ efficiency and productivity. They can therefore focus on upgrading their skillset to other areas that are needed and in demand.

Digital transformation and
Cloud Solutions go hand-in-hand!

As a Managed Service Provider, we have the expertise in consulting, analyzing options and providing the best solutions. We have successfully earned multiple awards and secured partnerships with Microsoft, thanks to our knowledge, expertise to leverage technology and our good track record in innovations.

Awards and Recognition by Microsoft


Microsoft Malaysia Partner of the Year
Microsoft Azure Partner of the Year
Microsoft Innovation Partner of the Year


Cloud Infrastructure Partner of the Year
System Integrator Partner of the Year


Microsoft Malaysia Partner of the Year

Microsoft Partner of the Year 2020
Microsoft Partner of the Year 2020
Microsoft Gold Partner
Microsoft Gold Partner
Microsoft Partner of the Year 2018
Microsoft Partner of the Year 2018

Gold Cloud Productivity | Gold Cloud Platform | Gold Datacenter
Gold Application Development | Gold Collaboration & Content | Gold Messaging
Gold Enterprise Mobility Management | Gold Windows & Devices

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What does Enfrasys Solutions offer in MyDIGITAL?

As a government selected Managed Service Provider, we offer the following services:

1. Software Provision Life Cycle

Single source of Microsoft On-Premise Software & Cloud Services Subscription Procurement, Provision, Billing, Access Control and Support.

2. Software Management Life Cycle

Facilitate agencies to achieve a new standard/level of license optimization and enhance the value of investment.

3. Consultancy & Support Services

Offer end-to-end professional services across technology, people and process.

4. Value Adoption & Change Management

Helping agencies to adapt, learn and encourage them to fully utilize what the service has to offer.

5. Partner Collaboration Services

As our partners, the System Integrators can rest assured on our support and collaboration to drive the MyDIGITAL initiative.


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