MyDIGITAL – Enfrasys Solutions as Managed Service Provider

Enfrasys Solutions Shd Bhd (ESSB) is one of the four companies that have been appointed as a Managed Service Provider (MSP) to manage Microsoft cloud services for the Malaysian government.

Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin said MyDIGITAL is expected to be implemented via the Malaysia Digital Economy Blueprint, which will comprise of three phases.

Phase 1: 2021 – 2022

  • Data and digital intelligence at the heart of the digital economy in Malaysia, with the government leading this effort.
  • Conducive regulatory framework that can expedite digital infrastructure development.
  • Increased confidence to use technology across all levels of society.

Phase 2: 2023 – 2025

  • A government with extensive use of e-government services, where technologies and data are used effectively to benefit the public and businesses.
  • Local champions with the potential to become regional leaders are identified and groomed.
  • Faster and increased rollout of broadband infrastructure projects.
  • Competent and agile workforce that adds greater values to the economic sectors as well as to thecommunities they live in.
  • Equitable access to opportunities to uplift socioeconomic status.
  • Increased trust in the management of personal data and data privacy agencies.
  • Agile regulations for the gig economy while ensuring unhindered business innovation.

Phase 3: 2026 – 2030

  • A data-driven government, where processes are highly digitalised and data is at the centre of its administration that connects the society, businesses and government.
  • High ease of doing business, where the government provides a highly conducive environment for businesses to start and operate.
  • A high quality pool of digital talent and an inclusive digital society.
  • Increased cyber security awareness among businesses and society members. Malaysia Digital Economy Blueprint (

The government aims to migrate 80% of public data into the hybrid cloud system by the end of 2022, it is expected to translate into optimizing cost in IT management and increase proficiency in managing data. All these Cloud services will allow Big Data, AI, IoT and other applications to be utilized and strengthen government services.

“MyDIGITAL will empower Malaysians from Perlis to Sabah, improving their lives in every aspect,” he said. “It encompasses ideas and plans to increase digital literacy, creating high-income jobs, improving banking and finances, gaining better digital access to education and medical services in rural towns. It also serves as a digital transformation direction plan that is able to drive the business sector to compete on the global arena by enhancing expediency and efficiency of their operations.” said the Prime Minister.

Enfrasys Solutions Shd Bhd, an authorized Microsoft LSP with eighteen years of experience

Will be providing Microsoft related on-prem, hybrid and cloud solutions to various agencies and managed services; in assessment, implementation, change management, monitoring of the various government cloud projects done by local System Integrators for the agencies.

“As the country embarks on the MyDIGITAL journey to support and sustain the Digital economy using Cloud, we as a Microsoft local strategic partner and an agile young IT company, feel proud and eager to serve the Nation. Our history and DNA are on Microsoft and cloud, we have been helping clients in deploying and moving into cloud. It is timely and we look forward towards this new journey with Malaysia.” said Tengku Razmi, CEO of Enfrasys Solutions.

The prime minister also stated that the construction of this digital infrastructure will form the backbone if a sustainable digital ecosystem will serve as the key engine of growth towards sustainable economy. The government will continue to strengthen this new ecosystem through various ways, including:

  1. Creating a regulatory environment that can support digital use while protecting the privacy of citizens;
  2. Administering public data resources so that they can be jointly utilized by public and private organizations, and;
  3. Facilitating the evolution of labour market in potentially disruptive industries through automation and digital technology.

“I would like to emphasize here that the MyDIGITAL initiative through the Malaysia Digital Economy Blueprint is a nationwide approach plan. In the face of future digital ecosystems, all stakeholders need to adapt as soon as possible to face whatever arising challenges in a connected nation.” said Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin.

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