Choosing Between Office 365 and G Suite in Malaysia: Which is Better and Why?

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At the basic level, both Office 365 and G Suite (previously known as Google Apps) are business productivity applications. They are the most popular tools for performing a number of business tasks in the cloud. While both apps offer good packages, there are major differences in some of their features. A business has to consider these differences to ensure that it uses the services of the most suitable cloud storage company in Malaysia. 

Below, we explore these differences to find an informed answer to this question: Which cloud solution is better between Office 365 and G Suite, and why? 

1. Email 
G Suite’s Gmail and Microsoft’s Exchange are both powerful and easy-to-use email services. However, many Office 365 Malaysia users prefer Exchange to Gmail because it offers calendar integration, an essential functionality for sorting and grouping emails. 

2. Storage 
Office 365 offers standard storage across all plans. Whatever the size of your business, Microsoft gives each user 1 terabyte of cloud storage. Google provides different sizes of cloud storage depending on the number of users — 30GB for businesses with less than five users, and unlimited storage if the users are five or more. 

3. Messaging 
G Suite’s Hangouts Meet has messaging features for basic consumer communication mainly via text. The number of users in a Hangouts meeting is limited to 30. Office 365 offers Skype for Business, which is more business-oriented. In addition to communication through text and video chatting, Skype for Business supports file sharing and can accommodate up to 250 users. 

4. Mobility 
Employees can work on the go on their Android or 105 mobile devices using Office 365 or Google. Both apps are mobile, but due to Skype’s added advantages over Gmail in terms of file sharing and support for large meetings, Office 365 is better for businesses with many mobile users. 

5. Admin interface 
Office 365’s Admin Center has more advanced features, such as data governance policies, which G Suite’s Admin Console lacks. Although the admin interface for G Suite is simple to use, you’d have to pay extra for the advanced features that Microsoft offers for free. 

6. Data centers 
Microsoft and Google take different approaches of managing data. Office 365 stores customer’s data on regional data centers for increased efficiency when exporting or restoring data. With data centers located near businesses, latency times are also decreased. Office 365 is better for a large business in one location. Google’s data centers are located at different locations all over the globe. In case of a failure at one facility, users can continue working without any interruptions. 

In conclusion, Microsoft Office 365 evidently offers significant advantages over G Suite especially for big businesses. The use of Office 365 cloud solutions has accelerated over the last year. According to a Cloud Adoption Report produced in 2018, the uptake of Office 365 cloud storage and cloud security solutions increased to around 56% from 34% in 2016. 

Working with the best cloud storage company in Malaysia can enable your business to achieve more efficiency and productivity. Enfrasys has partnered with Microsoft to ensure that Microsoft’s cloud solutions are within easy reach for improved security, mobility and productivity of your business

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