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Test dirve

Expected Outcomes:

  • Determination of the key high value activities needed to achieve organizational goals.
  • Mapping of high value activities to organizational capabilities needed.
  • Identification of key capability implementation priorities.

Identification of actionable next steps to develop internal momentum and adoption.

This free course is co-sponsored by Enfrasys & Microsoft

Event Title: Microsoft 365 Test Drive

Date & Time: Based on organization preference within October.

Location: Based on organization preference – Can be done in customer’s place or Microsoft Office


Time Agenda
9.30am CIE overview and objective to achieve
9.45am Value Discovery Workshop – discuss about business scenarios and connect the business priorities with modern capabilities to deliver maximum value to the employees and company.
11.00am Customer Immersion Experience – Experience the fully functional Microsoft 365 environment that includes everyday business situations and see how Microsoft products make it easy, convenient, and secure.
12.30pm Session end and proceed for lunch

Who should come: 2 representative of each department in the organization

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