Enfrasys Summit 2019 – Event of the year!

This summit will begin with a key presentation by the expertise speakers in particular areas, followed by workshops conducted by technical experts in the afternoon. The summit will offer the participants a fresh 2019 update into the cloud industry. Gain knowledge about some of benefits of the myriad solutions Enfrasys…


Enfrasys 365 – Security Matter Workshop!

Hello everyone! Hope that all of you had a great weekend and an even better week ahead! We have organized a cyber security awareness event and would like to invite you to learn and explore more about your own cyber security posture. Here are some of the topics that we'll…


Free Microsoft 365 Test Drive! Grab this chance!

Expected Outcomes: Determination of the key high value activities needed to achieve organizational goals. Mapping of high value activities to organizational capabilities needed. Identification of key capability implementation priorities. Identification of actionable next steps to develop internal momentum and adoption. This free course is co-sponsored by Enfrasys Consulting & Microsoft…


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