Top 5 Digital Transformation Trends in 2022 That You Need To Watch.

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The digital transformation that began in 2020 is still continuing at a significant rate in 2022 as the pandemic still plagues the world with variants. 

What does this imply for the rest of the year in 2022? Here, we share some Top 10 trends we believe will be much talked about this year.

5G Is The Way To Go 

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Globally, 5G installations have stayed on pace. Some providers prioritized low band 5G frequencies in early 5G installations, which are nearly twice as fast as LTE but sometimes seem just slightly quicker than existing mobile networks.

This leaves some analysts and customers disappointed with the spectacular 5G speeds they had been offered.

This pattern is already shifting, and in 2022, it will accelerate much further. Expect an increase of 5G installations in highly populated metropolitan areas, as well as low average 5G deployments into rural regions.

Consumers will be able to select networks and devices that integrate it as a result of the improved experience. 

Carriers all around the world are following suit and implementing, particularly across major sections of Asia.

Here in Malaysia however, several businesses, even some of the most progressive, are taking their time to fully embrace it.

Post-Pandemic Revolution In the Workplace 

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Last year, experts predict that the working from home trend would well continue after the pandemic, and they were right. 

Throughout the year, we’ve seen the news about large corporations in practically every industry giving continuous flexible working practices. 

These arrangements, however, are not without challenges. Organizations require solutions that enable fully integrated collaboration from just about anywhere.

With some workers working from the office while others sitting at home, collaborative tools like Microsoft Teams, and other web based applications such as Microsoft 365 would help improve productivity tremendously. 

Anticipate in seeing technologies that enhance meeting accessibility and allow for remarkable cooperation. 

Smart Lenses and AI-enabled collaboration platforms will make it easier to determine who is speaking. 

Assistant settings will provide all users with a unifying device experience.

With cloud PC services, enhanced VDI (Virtual desktop infrastructure) experiences hybrid working will proceed from outside the meeting room as well.

The transition in work is also causing a revolution in how we engage with and use the software in order to maximize efficiency. 

Smart-er Cars 

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Smart vehicles and infrastructure development in smart cities are on the rise, and while some may believe Tesla is leading the charge, there are plenty of other companies that are helping to make this happen.

It’s excellent for the economy and the future of the automotive industry. Some companies have devoted more than a year advancing the technology but the key is in driver assistance systems.

Who wouldn’t like to pull out the laptop and have a morning coffee as our car navigates us all to our destination?

According to Daniel Newman from Forbes, a demonstration of Luminar’s L4 technology was shown at the IAA Mobility event in Munich last month, it showed a car potentially capable of “sensing” a youngster on the street and hit the brakes just before the accident happens. 

That’s not the only time this year that L4 technology was proven right. Earlier it was also flawlessly exhibited on a roadway in China.

Hybrid & Multi-Cloud Is The Talk of the Town 

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The cloud isn’t really the latest craze, but in 2022, hybrid cloud will definitely reign supreme as providers strive for the ideal combination of public and private clouds as businesses face computing concerns such as data security and privacy access.

We’ve seen the top public cloud companies all make their services considerably more expandable over the last several years to address the straightforward business agenda that will utilize both on-premise and public cloud.

Microsoft’s Azure and other big names have all introduced major infrastructure hybrid cloud services to answer the demands of corporate users leveraging the potential of hybrid cloud.

The struggle for a hybrid power structure will continue to be a focal point for cloud and conventional IT vendors together as business IT solutions grow more popular. 

The transition from hybrid to multi-cloud will accelerate in 2022, boosting this trend ahead. It will become increasingly common and vital for businesses to use more than one public cloud to tackle their most pressing scientific and technical concerns.

Everything-As-A-Service (EAAS?). 

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We’ve all seen how the public cloud and SaaS have changed the way people buy technology. Subscriptions have increasingly replaced one-time infrastructure payments for software and infrastructure.

If the pandemic has taught us anything, it’s that the business IT users want whatever they want, if they want it. 

Therefore as a side benefit, in 2022, we’ll have reached maximum Everything-as-a-Service, with pay-as-you-go models including everything from data software to desktop virtualization becoming highly prevalent.

Matter of fact, Enterprise SaaS firms like Salesforce, Zoom, Microsoft and Oracle will benefit from this. 

So that’s the Top 5 Digital Transformation Trends in 2022 That You Need To Watch.

What are your thoughts? Feel free to let us know in the comments below.

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