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As companies are shifting more and more to Microsoft Azure solutions in 2021 to drive digital transformation within their organizations, we’re seeing tremendous usage of Azure. But before that, what is Microsoft Azure?   


Why it’s so important and how it can help your organization to perform better.   


Before diving deep into what Microsoft Azure is, you first need to understand what cloud computing is? 



Cloud Computing can be explained as a technology that offers access to various computing resources over the internet.

You will get all the power and performance of these resources but without the costs of managing and maintaining those resources yourselves. 

In simple terms, cloud computing is the delivery of different services through the internet that would include tools and applications, data storage, servers, databases, networking, and software.




So now that you know a bit of what cloud computing is, so let’s jump to what Microsoft Azure is all about. 




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According to Stephen J. BigelowMicrosoft Azure is Microsoft’s public cloud computing platform. Where it provides a range of cloud services, that includes computing, analytics, storage & networking.   Azure also offered more than 200 products and cloud services created to help you bring a new solution to life.

 Dealing with currents demands and discover the next future.  And what’s interesting is users can pick & choose from these services to develop and scale new applications and can even run existing applications in the public cloud 

Azure also provides solutions that include Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS), and Software as a Service (SaaS).    


Why Do You Need Microsoft Azure?   



Usually, physical services and infrastructure devices sure take a lot of costs and that’s not included with IT expertise where it is needed to run the equipment. Adding the total cost of it will sure cost almost hundreds of thousands.    


But, with leveraging Microsoft’s huge infrastructure and expertise, Azure can cut your annual IT budget to impressive percentages. Azure solutions are not just smooth and quick but also reasonable   


Disaster recovery 


Sometimes your organization will encounter impossible events and what is worse is that you do not prepare for it, we cannot control everything, but we can choose to control how to handle recovery plan. But if your organization subscript with Microsoft Azure then you do not have to worry.   

Microsoft Azure operates with full-speed and geographically decentralized infrastructure. This means there are no limited options for disaster recovery plans.    

Making sure all your important data and applications can run from unnecessary sites during a recovery duration that lasts minutes or hours rather than days.  Azure can assure you of endless service delivery even if the disaster crashes in. 



This is where the magic happened, Microsoft Azure allows you to use new services and numerical increase your data storage competency. Rather than purchasing a new operating system and hardware, making preparation and deployment ahead before your companies can face an IT challenge is sure a tiring job to do and takes a lot of costs. Microsoft Azure has the magic that can solve your company’s solution.   



Microsoft Azure provides an appreciable licensing discount for moving your already exists application to Azure. This is a perfect example where you can save a lot of costs. Microsoft also makes sure the process of creating and testing is smooth sailing and able to shift the app from one place to another through a globally distributed network.  


Fun Facts about Microsoft Azure     

  • Reliable – 99.95% possibilities SLA & 24 hours tech support.    
  • Open – Backing any OS, language, tool, and framework.    
  • Global – Data housed in geosynchronous data centers.    
  • Flexible – shift compute resources depending on circumstances.    
  • Economical – Pay for what you only use.    


Because of its capabilities, Microsoft Azure is the favorite choice of public cloud subscription on the market.    


How Does Microsoft Azure Works?    


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1. Management Entry   


Microsoft Azure is a web-based user interface (UI). This means administrators can have access to the majority of the features. As Microsoft Azure evolving quality, the UI is often updated, therefore new releases are uploaded in beta via the Azure    


Preview Portal. But you can continue with the existing UI, letting you check and naturalize yourself with the new release. You can experience the best while using the existing one, you can also access the features of the latest UI.    


2. Data Migration, File sharing, and Networking    


With Azure, you do not have to worry about consuming too much time and bandwidth when shifting your files. In fact, you have the capability where you can physically send your encrypted files to Microsoft for upload. Here’s the part where Azure helps you.   


After uploading your files, Microsoft will then store your data in Azure Blobs, granting you access and designate them to their specific storage destinations.    


For user collaboration, the data and any applications could also be shared beyond numerous virtual machines. This is essential when you wish to diagnose, test, debug or develop across multiple users.    


Because Microsoft Azure engages in an international data center, you can also associate the data and route traffic internationally, over private and secure networks because Azure supports this.   


3. Cloud Services    


You can develop an application in the cloud where it can be used by unlimited people at the same time. You can relax without having to worry about data loss or being bound with administrative duties.   


Woking together with virtual machines and Azure websites, Azure cloud services ease the process of executing through the code language that you have chosen for the application you have created. The applications also are flexible as users might do some changes and it is kept at Azure data management systems.  


4. Data Management  


By SQL databases, Microsoft Azure watches its relational data storage but with more comprehensive than standard SQL server database that you might have used before. This is because Microsoft has developed multi-sided access to data management and storage.    


What’s makes Microsoft Azure looks attractive is that Azure’s SQL database will cover the uninteresting task like software updates and hardware management at the same time letting you have full access to control. And that’s what we call attractive.   

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