Things Companies are Missing out without Microsoft Cloud Hosting

cloud hosting Malaysia
cloud hosting Malaysia

Things Companies are Missing out without Microsoft Cloud Hosting Malaysia

Although many companies were first reluctant to invest in cloud technology when it first hit the computing space, many have gradually joined in the widespread adoption of the cloud. This is good for them, but concern is on some companies who are still not sure whether or not to adopt cloud hosting Malaysia.

In Malaysia, SMEs are becoming more aware of the benefits of cloud computing. The realization that cloud technologies can effectively turn IT resources from cost centers to profit centers is an amazing development. However, businesses are finding themselves focusing not only on the trade-offs of cloud migration, but the usage and implementation issues surrounding it.

In 2017, Microsoft announced the launch of Microsoft 365, Azure Stack, and SOL Server 2017. These services aimed at helping businesses accelerate their transition to digital. As Microsoft has proven over the years, it is committed to empowering organizations embrace the hybrid cloud environment as they continue with their digital transformation journey.

Benefits of Cloud Hosting Malaysia

With all the offerings Microsoft has made available to Malaysian businesses via certified Microsoft providers, companies that are yet to adopt cloud computing are set to lose a lot. More likely than not, a business will hardly achieve the flexibility, efficiency and strategic benefits without Microsoft cloud hosting Malaysia. These benefits are elaborated below:

1. Flexibility
As a cloud service user, you can scale services to fit your needs. You can also customize applications and access the services from any location with an Internet connection. In addition, you are given the freedom to choose among three storage options: private, public and hybrid cloud storage. Microsoft cloud hosting Malaysia also give you control flexibility, in that you can choose the as-a-service option that suits your desired level of control.

2. Efficiency
Since as an enterprise user you don’t have to worry about the cost and maintenance of the underlying infrastructure, you can get the applications you’ve developed to the market quickly. Also, due to the accessibility of the cloud from any internet-connected location, you are able to carry out your businesses off-premise to efficiently meet your clients’ needs.

3. Strategic value of cloud computing
Cloud services allow you to focus on providing the most innovative solution to your customers, which gives you competitive advantage. You can rely on Microsoft to take care of the underlying infrastructure. Moreover, since the company gives users worldwide access to computing resources, you can collaborate with teams in widespread locations, which would enhance your growth potential.

Your business doesn’t have to miss the great benefits of cloud computing while Microsoft cloud hosting Malaysia is just a click away. Enfrasys is the leading Microsoft certified partner in Malaysia. Contact the company for any Microsoft product or service and be sure to scale your business even as you put in place measures to keep it more secure and mobile. You might still be unsure on how to start your digital transformation journey. Don’t hesitate to contact Enfrasys. The company has a dedicated team of cloud computing and IT strategy team that can work with you to chart the way forward.

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