Microsoft Office 365: Different Environment, Similar Tools

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Microsoft Office tools have been constant companions of students and educators for decades. Tools like Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, have been taught to children from as early as primary schools and their computer lessons extend to tertiary educations in their respective universities. From simpler tasks such as building a table on Microsoft Word to complex data entry on Microsoft Excel, students in Malaysia are already well accustomed to such assignments. 

As students grow older and face greater challenges in their educations, where their works become more complicated and confusing, the only thing that has been constant is Microsoft Office familiar interface. 

Microsoft is committed at empowering the education sectors with affordable and free packages or plans because access to today’s education is important to create the world of tomorrow. Tools and programmes from Microsoft allow students and teachers to better communicate in classrooms and work on their tasks through standardized platforms regardless of whether they are educators or students. 

For students in tertiary education, Microsoft’s tools have actually prepared them to use the same programmes that they have been using in schools when they transition into adulthood and their new workplaces. The sense of familiarity between fresh graduates and their Microsoft tools becomes a motivator for the younger generation to venture into challenging work tasks because they are already exposed to such technology since they were children. 

Microsoft truly prepares today’s generation to be more versatile in the job market, allowing them to be more flexible and resourceful in performing their tasks at work. As a trusted Microsoft partner, Enfrasys takes pride in our ability to assist Malaysia’s educators and younger generation in their mission to create a better tomorrow. 

Microsoft offers free license for schools and universities across Malaysia. The Microsoft A1 license is a one-time purchase that consists of Microsoft Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote. The A1 license also include multiple services including OneDrive, Teams, Forms, Stream, School Data Sync, and many more. This offer is applicable for students, educators, and staffs of the education industry. For more information on the Microsoft A1 license, contact our Enfrasys experts. 

Together, lets pave the way for a better future. 

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