Improve your cloud security with Microsoft Enterprise Mobility and Security (EMS)

microsoft ems cloud security
microsoft ems cloud security

Workers are increasingly using mobile devices and Software as a Service (SaaS) applications. Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) is also on the rise in many workplaces. These developments are good for business, but they pose a security challenge to companies and management. Enfrasys is committed to bringing enterprise-grade cloud security solutions closer to you.

Microsoft Enterprise Mobility and Security (EMS)

Microsoft’s Enterprise Mobility and Security (EMS) is a cloud-based program for managing devices and maintaining policies within a network.

The solution allows network administrators to easily monitor data as well as manage user accounts and passwords while maintaining mobility and high security.

Cloud Security features of Microsoft EMS

Microsoft EMS combines four cloud solutions that enable businesses to manage user requirements as well as the mobile devices and apps used over the business’ network. These solutions include: 

  • Azure Information Protection: for user identity rights and access management
  • Microsoft Intune: for management of mobile devices and mobile applications
  • Microsoft Advanced Threat Analytics: it’s a data protection system for your documents and data security
  • Azure Active Directory: cybersecurity solution 

Microsoft EMS helps you to increase your cloud security in many ways including: 

a) Management and protection of users, data and applications 

Managing consistently secure access to network resources by workers is very important to an organization. Microsoft Enterprise Mobility and Security gives you control over all applications on users’ mobile devices. You can use it to ensure that your employees can securely access their applications but their productivity is not adversely affected by the use of mobile applications and devices. 

b) Safeguard resources at the front door 

A user needs to sign in only once to get secure access to all of the organization’s cloud resources from their device. 
For every user login and other sign-in attempts, EMS calculates the risk posed to the network. This allows the application of risk-based conditional access rules to protect the entire system. 

c) Protect data against mistakes by users 

Microsoft EMS enables the administrator to get a more in-depth view of users, device and data activity both on-premise and in the cloud. Files are labeled and classified at creation for easy tracking and access control. This high level of visibility facilitates the implementation of highly effective security policies and practices.

d) Identify attackers before they cause damage 

Using the innovative technologies for anomaly detection and behavioral analytics, the Microsoft Advanced Threat Analytics feature helps you to detect attacks before they happen. The analytics are driven by significant amounts of threat intelligence and security research data available to Microsoft. 

e) Data protection and control at user level 

Employees can encrypt any type of file. Besides, they can set granular permissions and track usage of the file. Since encryption stays with the file, EMS enables more secure internal and external file sharing, which ultimately boosts cloud security. 

Contact Enfrasys today for an affordable cloud security solution that will help you to safeguard your business. Enfrasys recommends Microsoft EMS because it enhances the security and control of all business activities carried out over devices and applications in your network. With its four innovative features, Microsoft EMS provides built-in cloud security everywhere you do business — on-premise, on mobile devices and applications, and in the cloud. 

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