i DO

IoT & Machine Learning

Who can understand your data?

Device Interconnectivity and Data Analytics with Microsoft. Your very own comprehensive device observatory.

Enfrasys with Microsoft Azure makes the IoT journey from device to equipment easy via connectivity and offers simple visualisation and data analytics for better comprehension of your data. With immense scalability and industry-leading visualisations, Enfrasys with Azure is a flexible IoT and data analysis platform that is managed by us and accessible by you all over the world.

What is Interconnectivity Device Observatory?

Interconnectivity Device Observatory (i-DO) from Enfrasys is a highly customisable and powerful cloud platform for data stream input, stream analytics, visualisation and decision making. It supports the analysis of your high volume data and creation of visualizations that is highly customisable and relevant to your business, all from inside the Microsoft Azure IoT cloud.


  • Integrate your equipment or machines at the hardware level
  • Manage supply of suitable sensors and controllers


  • Robust and seamless connectivity and transition from industry OT protocols to IT protocols
  • Support wired and wireless connectivity


  • Live data stream from your environment to cloud
  • Analysis and data break-down with easy-of-use dashboards
  • Seamless integration with industry leading platforms

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