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Cloud that helps you consolidate: Enfrasys i-Central with Microsoft Azure Hybrid Deployment makes enterprise identity, endpoints and application management simple while providing a comprehensive solution to cater to your identity access application up to devices. i-Central is a flexible hybrid identity, application and devices integration platform that is managed by you and accessible all over the world powered by Microsoft Cloud.

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Why i-Central?

i-Central enterprise hybrid deployment is an easy solution for extending existing identity, application and management to anywhere in the world. i-Central helps deliver business functions with better performance and resiliency to any device leveraging cloud technology and at the same time ensure the security of the devices and data access.

Scalable Infrastructure

Flexible and secure deployment

  • Allows you to manage your cloud infrastructure with better efficiency
  • Enables lightning quick deployment and management of your cloud infrastructure
  • Simplifies migration of your application to the cloud

Hybrid Identity

Identity access & management

  • Central hybrid identity management
  • Controls application and data access
  • Enables rights and permissions

Secure Operating Environment

Fast and thorough

  • Vastly improves end user experience on their devices
  • Seamless integration with existing investment
  • Ensures your data is properly protected