Let’s take your business up a notch with Microsoft Teams

Digital Transformation Adopting and adapting to digital is more than an afterthought in business today. To stay competitive and relevant, it’s crucial for companies to begin and progress their transition to digital transformation. With digital disruptors snapping at the heels of many industries, success will come to the businesses that ensure their workforce is skilled […]

Choosing Between Office 365 and G Suite in Malaysia: Which is Better and Why?

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At the basic level, both Office 365 and G Suite (previously known as Google Apps) are business productivity applications. They are the most popular tools for performing a number of business tasks in the cloud. While both apps offer good packages, there are major differences in some of their features. A business has to consider […]

Azure AD Pass-through Authentication

AzureADPass throughAuthentication

Azure AD Pass-through Authentication Using the same credential to login your company resources and cloud based services. Reduce the chances of forgetting credential and reducing the workload of helpdesk for resetting the user’s credential. Azure AD pass-through authentication provides a simple solution for customers, it ensures that password validation for Azure AD services is performed […]