We are a consulting company that offers Cloud Solutions, taking into account the needs of businesses, people and technologies. We leverage our skills in Information Technology to help streamline processes to deliver greater efficiency.

ENFRASYS group of companies consist of

Enfrasys Consulting Sdn Bhd
A Microsoft Malaysia Partner of the Year Award Winning consulting company, operating since 2010

Enfrasys Solutions Sdn Bhd
(formerly known as CHASSasia (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd)
A recognized Microsoft license provider, operating since 2003


ENFRASYS believes that IT services must be aligned with business needs and this is possible when you have a trusted IT advisor to help improve the alignment between business and IT services. We believe business drives IT and IT drives business.

To date, ENFRASYS already helped various blue-chip corporations and innovative enterprises with advanced solutions and essential services.



Support and empower businesses by adopting and leveraging key International Standard technologies.

To provide quality technical and management level consulting and professional services, based on expert knowledge of technological know-how.

Promote the development and retention of skills and expertise.


To establish a “People Centric” and “Technology Driven” corporation, designed to provide world-class, technology based solutions to support corporate clients.

Help businesses by leveraging technologies

Help customers by delivering quality services

Help people by sharing knowledge